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Jess (POV)

We have been back in London for 3 days, and in those three days I have only wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I regret coming back. There are some many bad memories and I am only getting myself deeper into trouble. Why did those sick boys have to harm my Boobear? Why couldn't they just go on and do something better with their lives? I mean, they broke not just one person but a whole family for the sake of a bit of laughter. How messed up can you get? Each day I see Lou break more and more and since he has told me his secret, we speak a lot more which only makes me feel more ashamed. Every time I go to tell him the truth, something or someone interrupts us.

-One of our Phones go off

-Harry or one of the other boys walk in.

-We get spotted by fans

Or simply the fact that I get to scared and back out and it's haunting me in my sleep. I keep having nightmares every night now and it's the same thing over and over again. I tell Louis the truth and everyone finds out my secret and then everyone starts hating me. Sometimes it gets even worse and I wake up crying all the time. Zayn comforts me and reassures me that everything will be alright and everyone will understand. But Will It? Will They? Today we were supposed to go exploring as I am not supposed to have visited London before; When the truth is I know this place like I know the back of my hand.

 I was in mid thinking about my family and how they would react whilst Zayn was making tea. Yorkshire tea to be exact mine and Lou's favourite. We both can't ever go to bed without one.

'What are you thinking of Sky?' Zayn's voice spoke. He looked at me whilst I finished putting a plan together in my head.

'I want to go back to Doncaster and see my family' I confidently stated taking a deep breath before speaking.

'Are you sure?'

'Yeah.I want to....I need to. It's half term, so everyone will be home and I was thinking that if I can them the truth, then maybe i'll finally be able to pluck up the courage to tell Lou. We can just tell the boys we have gone sightseeing so they don't get suspicious.' He nodded his head understanding as he handed me my tea. I took a sip of the fresh goodness as he did the same.

'I thinks that's a good idea and don't worry Sky about anything. I think they will be happy to know that your safe' He comforted whilst wrapping his arms around my waist as I rested my head into the crook of his neck.

'Will you come with me?' I asked desperately.

'You didn't think I would let you go alone now did you?' I just giggled and finished my tea before heading out of the room and preparing for a family reunion. Well almost.

(Zayn's POV)

Sky is such a strong girl. After she told me why Louis ignored her, I wanted to cry. Both of them have been through so much, yet they still keep going as best as they can. I just wanted to beat the little s**ts for what they did to them and their family. I wasn't going to let her go through any of this alone. I know how scared she is about telling Louis and i'm not even sure how he react. By the way he is breaking, I don't think he will have a go at her but I don't believe he will be happy. I really don't know I just hope it all turns out right in the end.

I decided to text the boys telling them where we would be, so they don't worry about us...

To Leeyum, Nialler, Lou and Hazza

        Jess and I are going sightseeing and might not be back until tomorrow, so don't worry about us.

I sent the text and immediately got replies saying stuff like 'Stay safe' or 'Don't get to carried away.' and 'Use protection.' DIRTY PIGS. If only they knew where we were really going. I found it hard sometimes to keep the secret. I keep wanting to call her Sky in front the boys but then having to stop myself before all hell breaks loose.

We grabbed our stuff and jumped in the car heading towards Doncaster. Sky was silent the whole journey and I wasn't surprised.  I tried to give her words of encouragement but I don't think it was helping. She was as nervous as anything; I put my hand on her knee and she looked up and smiled but I could see the fear in her. This must feel like hell to her.

(Jess's POV)

To say I was scared was an understatement. We had arrived at my old street about 10 minutes ago and we were just sat in the car whilst I composed myself. I took a deep breath before unbuckling my seat belt as Zayn went round and opened my door for me. He had been so good to me through all of this which makes me feel bad. I slowly stood up shaking as he held onto me so I could balance myself. Luckily there were no fans around at the moment. Not that they knew we were here anywhere but word does spread fast.

We walked towards the familiar house that I had so many memories of growing up in. With Lou. I stared at the door with Zayn by my side the whole time. After a minute or so I got the courage to knock the door as I waited for what seemed like an eternity for a reply.


Eventually I saw a figure approaching and I braced myself. The door opened to reveal a semi-happy Lottie.

'Zayn what are you doing here?' She cocked her head to one side. 'And whose this?' She spoke sounding shocked, confused and curious all at once.

'Hey Lottie Tottie' I spoke carefully using her nickname, I only called her. Her eyes grew as the realisation hit her.

'Skylar?' She barely spoke her voice cracking slightly as I nodded my head. She smiled pulling me into a hug as the tears fell freely from her eyes and mine too. She pulled away only to drag Zayn and I into the house, towards the kitchen.

'Where have you been....wait....hold that thought' She spoke, brushing the water from her eyes and disappearing out of the room to return minutes later with my other three excited sisters.

'Skyyyyyyyy' They all screamed in unison racing towards me.

'Hey are you?' I asked

'Amazing now that your back. We thought we lost you forever. Where have you been? What have you done with your hair?...and eyes?' Zayn and I both laughed at the outburst of questions being shot at us.

'Slow down....i'll Explain.' I told them the whole story. Why I left. Who I had become. Like everyone else so far they understood and the smiles never left their faces.

'We're just glad your home' Daisy gleamed.

'Me you don't hate me?'

'Of course not. I would have done the exact same thing.' Lottie replied

'Same. So wait Louis doesn't know it is you yet?' Fizz asked.

'Nope' I said popping the P. 'I don't know how to tell him'

'Just tell it to him straight. You know Lou he will understand' Fizz answered.

'That's what everyone says...' I trailed of. ' Wheres Mum?' I asked curiously,

'She went out and should be home...' She was cut off by the door opening. 'Now!' She finished as I saw a face which felt like I hadn't seen in years came waltzing in.

'Girls I'm Home! Oh hey Zayn. What are you doing here? Is Lou here? Whose your friend?' She questioned looking to everyone for answers before I spoke.

'Hey mum' I whispered.

'.....Sky....' I nodded as she burst into tears pulling me into a hug, which I had missed so much. I let out the tears that had been kept in and cried on her shoulder. This was my real home and it's time I came back.


There you go my little ducklings she finally told her family.

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