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(Megane's POV)

Sky had informed us of the next few pranks she had lined up for the boys and one of  them was simply ingenious. We are saving it for later though, when they least expect it and when we are down to the last few. The boys still think they are going to win but we all know they won't. Both teams have lost 1 member but we have just planted our next attack and now we are waiting patiently. I am getting a bit impatient though.

'How long do you think they will take?' Kate asked nonchalantly, sighing in boredom, as we all layed down behind a bush, passing round the binoculars whilst admiring our work.

'Not sure...Any minute now hopefully.' I replied as the girls nodded understanding that none of us know how these boys work or how long they will be. As usual Sky was sitting with her food, munching away. Where does she and Niall put it all? They never stop, I swear there stomach is like a black hole or something along those lines. Sometimes I question weather they are actually human or not.

I pulled my phone out of my brocket (Bra pocket) and saw the time was 10:37. Surely they must be waking up soon. All of us were eager to see the magic happen but it was like waiting for Christmas to come. I thought back to the prank that the boys played on Scarlett which made me giggle, interrupting the silence. Rabel Rousers. Everyone turned to me as I just flashed them a grin before continuing to spy on our victims. I wonder who will fall for it?

'So Kate. How is Niall these days? Still treating you like his princess?' Sky questioned wiggling her eyebrows whilst pulling a funny face.

'Amazing thank you very much. I can't believe how lucky I am. He is even taking me out tonight....What about.....'

'D....J...B...Shhhhhh....shhhhhhh. They're coming.' I quickly hushed them as we all ducked down further. We saw Seth and Zayn heading towards out trap looking completely shattered so they didn't notice. Surely this is going to be a double whammy. BOOOYAAAA! We all stared intently as they edged closer, holding out breaths whilst containing our laughter as they BOTH walked into the clingfilm. We had stretched it across the door and covered in glue and they eventually realised what was happening. They began struggling but their feet caught on the second part of the trap, pulling against the wire. It started up the fans which only resulted in feathers flying towards them. Within minutes they had transformed into human chickens. Oh this is too good.

We jumped up from our hiding spots and I ran to take a picture. They both started panicking, especially Zayn as it was in his hair. The rest of the boys came running out of the bus examining our work, looking impressed but also defeated as they had lost another 2 team members.

'Well played Girls. I fear we underestimate your sneakiness.' Zayn commented trying to untangle himself from his sticky situation.

'Oh Sneaky, Sneaky' Sky replied, mimicking the voice of the butler in Mr Deeds. Everyone started laughing, even Seth and Zayn as I uploaded the picture.

@Meganeluvspie: Foolish Fools! 2 more down.... 3 to go @zaynmalik @Sethsayhi.

I instantly got thousands of replies, congratulating us on our awesome prank skills whilst a couple of fans were complaining that it was cruel. It's just a game loves. And they find it funny to. I put my phone away turning to high-five the girls.

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