NEW PART- sorry if it is not very good i am new to all this but it is on my bucket list to write a book so i won't stop till the end. Most of the characters are based people i actually know and we are actually like this so .... yeah.

Thank you to those who have read it so far i hope you like it.


After Louis left permanently to live with his band mate... Harry. I think that's his name.... (all i know is that he has curly hair) I hoped things would get back to normal. I wouldn't have to leave the house all of the time because THEY were coming round and I certainly didn't have to worry about the New Louis. I don't even know who he is anymore.



The boys were coming around again (when are they ever not here) which means i have to leave the house... AGAIN! I'm fed up with it all ready and it has only been a few months. They've stolen my twin for good. I was now getting ready for heading round Josh's again for a party. I suppose any place is better than here at the moment.

I put on some Blue Skinny Jeans, a Black hoodie and my ugg boots. I wasn't really in the party mood and plus the fact that it is like -3 degrees outside. I took one look in the mirror reminding myself of  how much i still looked like Louis. I am not the one who changed he did. We are so similar yet so different. I mean he's famous now and i am just invisible to everyone. No-one knows my talent yet the world knows his.

I packed my over night bag, knowing i probably wont be coming back here tonight and headed downstairs. I said my goodbyes to everyone except Louis. (Like he cares anyway) I havn't even seen him for ag....

'What are you still doing here the lads will be here soon?!' His oh so familiar voice filled the room. Scrap that i found him.

'I'm just leaving don't worry i wont ruin your little get together!' I snapped back at him, seeing no expression what so ever on his face. What's happened to him?

'Well hurry up and leave' He replied eager to get me out of the house. Great.

I just sighed and picked up my stuff heading towards the door, desperate to get out of this house myself. Finally Freedom i thought opening the door. Unfortunately I was greeted by four hyper boys whose expressions changed when they noticed me.

'Who are you?' The one with the raven quiff asked. I never bothered to learn their names. I didn't want anything to do with them, even if they were good looking. 

'I should be asking you that question.' I answered feeling slightly annoyed that they were blocking my exit.

'You don't know us?' An Irish accent spoke. Unfortunately yes i do know you. I don't want to because i hate you and everything about you, is what i wanted to say. I was interrupted by Louis walking through though.

'Skylar why havn't you...Oh hey guys' His voice completely changed from anger to happiness the second he saw...saw...THEM. Urgghhh I hate you right now Louis Tomlinson!

'Louis who is this girl?' The curly haired one now spoke. Oh i would love to here What Louis has to say now. I crossed my arms and waiting for his answer.

'Oh Skylar she is just a Friend. My mum is best friends with her Mum.' OUCH! That hurt so now I'm just the daughter of OUR mothers imaginary best friend.

'Oh Nice to meet you' Quiff head stated what i call a completely lie because it certainly was not nice to meet them.

'I wish i could say the same.' Anger was raging in me now as i just barged past them leaving them more confused than before. I just wanted to forget Louis. Doesn't he see how much he is hurting me. Walking as fast as i could the tears started to spill from my eyes. How could he say that! I was his Twin. His flesh and blood. My feet dragged me to Josh's house as my eyes were now becoming puffy and red from the pain. Why did i have to be HIS twin?



A few months later and everything is different. I became very distant from my family. Only the girls noticed. I would hardly ever go out. My clothing style had gone from bright colours to black and white. I would be going out every night getting drunk. I had even been brought home by the police a few times for reckless behaviour. There are dark bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep that i have been getting and i have lost so much weight just because i refuse to eat. I don't see the point anymore.

That's not the worst of it though. Since new year I had started cutting to take the pain away. Only Josh, Megane and Kate know the truth behind it though. They try get me to stop but it is so hard. When the razor blade slices across my skin all the pain is taken away for a while. It makes things feel better. Mum tries sending me to therapists and Doctors but i refuse to go. They cant help me no one can!

This is all because my own brother disowned me and made me disappear from his life. No therapist or doctor can change what he did and now my body pays the price. I am literally tearing my own life away day by day and I cant stop. It's all so addicting. I am a mess. I know I am but I am also not the little girl who plays in the sand anymore. People change. My grades dropped and I even stopped writing my music. I just don't feel anything anymore. There is no inspiration or melody. My life is basically a blank piece of paper that has been screwed up and thrown away.

As i wandered the streets all i can see around me is posters of the people who broke me. Everywhere you go these days its like One Direction this One Direction that. I'm sick of it! Everyone thinks they know Louis but they don't. The new Louis Maybe. The old Louis? The real one. No. No one does but ME!

I get beat up at school every day for being a liar. I try telling people he is my brother but they don't believe me. Most of them know it's the truth but like making people cry as well. I get shoved against lockers and kicked to the ground all the time. My body is covered in bodies and no one can see it but the only people who have stuck by me this whole time. They know the truth and they know what he has done. At times i push them away but they never seem to give up on me and that's how i know they care.

They need to start realising though that there isn't much they can do to help me anymore. I have changed. I am broken and can't be healed easily. I feel like the only person who can bring me back is Lou but he is gone and he isn't going to come back to me. I'm lost and all i want is for him to save me.

We all know that wont happen. He is to busy being famous. He didn't care about me before, why would he now? This is the new me and people just have to deal with that!





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