I woke the next morning to a bright light shining through the window, temporarily blinding me. As my eyes adjusted I rolled over onto my side and stared blankly at my clock. I was in my own world for about two minuets until i actually took in the time ..... 12.15.........

SHOOT!! Josh would be arriving soon. I jumped out of bed and took the quickest shower ever in history. I got changed into my red skinny jeans, All time low White tee and a pair of TOMS.  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=59585090

By the time I was ready it was already 12.40 great only 20 minuets to chill. My laziness kicked in and I just re-heated last nights left over Chinese for breakfast listening to two doors cinema clubs 'Undercover Martyn'. An amazing song if i may add.

'And she spoke words that would melt in your hands

And she spoke words of wisdom

To the basement people, to the basement'

20 minuets later Josh arrived with Kate and Megane following behind doing the inbetweeners dance. Yes my friends are weird. What's life without some abnormal friends?

'SKKKKYYYYLLLAAAAARRRR' i was greeted by my three best friends screaming in my ear.

'GUUYYYYYYYSSSSSSS' i yelled back. This was our usual way to start our conversations.

Megane being the smart one was the first to realise the empty house.

'where is everyone?' She questioned. Of course she wasn't going to go without an answer. I know her too well.

'Your guess is as good as mine' Is all i could reply with as my smile faded.

It was Kate's turn to now speak up. 

'what do you mean?'

'I mean they are probably out celebrating in London right now on Louis getting through to Boot Camp on the X Factor!' Even saying it made my heart sink even more.

'I didn't know he was auditioning. Why aren't you with them?' I knew this would happen. They are the  over protective friends, who will probably want to kill Louis once i explain.

'I didn't know either. Apparently Lou didn't want me there' By now i just wished they hadn't brought it up as it only made me want to break down into tears.

Josh now spoke up 'So your saying that your TWIN brother is audition for a show that could change his life and he didn't want his own sister to be there??' He sounded angry of course he would, Why wouldn't he be? I was angry.

'Yep pretty much' I replied with the least enthusiasm possible. 'WOW' Is all I got in unison.

'He really has changed hasn't he?' Kate whispered stating the obvious.

'Don't worry Sky. Me Josh and Kate will always be here for you' Megane said. We were the closest, we just got each other.

'Thanks guys' We huddled together in a big group hug that almost cause me to be suffocated to death. She was right at least I have these guys even if I was curious to know what is wrong with Louis.

Josh ended the hug while Kate screeched, 'NOW LET'S GO HAVE SOME FUN' (Always the one to change the mood)

We piled in to Josh's van and headed for the beach, where we spent 3 hours splashing each other, sunbathing and eating ice cream. Well more like shoving it into each others faces. These guys really did know how to cheer me up. We are far from the scale of normal anyway.

After the beach we headed to the Vue and agreed on watching Harry potter as it is such an epic film. You could say were obsessed. I mean we can only like quote the films word for word nothing to serious. (yeah like i said not normal) It was just getting to the part where Dobby was dying, when I noticed Kate and Megane in tears. I Turned to Josh who had noticed too as we both burst out laughing at how sad they were. I mean I had water In my eyes but I wasn't full on crying like they were no matter how much I loved Dobby.

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