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(3rd Person)

Louis and Sky lay unconscious in a basement with no one knowing where they were. The kidnappers had been thorough and quick. Stole their phones and left notes saying they had gone out and there was no need to worry. If only they knew. The twins had been out cold for at least 4 hours now and the strangers watched them intently waiting for them to wake. Only then would the real torture begin. They were going to pay so now it was only a matter of time...

(Kate's POV)

I shot up in the middle of then night again from one of my daily strange dreams. This time I had stolen some beef jerky (don't ask why) from a Hobo and then he started chasing me until I fell down a well. I really should stop drinking hot milk before going to bed.

I crept into Niall's room, seeing he was fast asleep, so I slipped under the covers and joined him. Just as I began drifting off to sleep, I felt his arm snake round me pulling me into his chest. I smiled into the comfort before my mind drifted off to something else. None of us had seen Louis or Sky since the show earlier. They left a note saying they were going out but we haven't heard anything since. I reached for my phone careful not to wake Niall as I checked my messages. Nothing. Attempting to ring both of them I got nothing so I left a message.

'To Sky and Lou,

Where are you guys, you didn't come back?'

My eyes became heavy and I dropped my phone falling into a deep sleep. Maybe they will be home in the morning. Unfortunately for me the weird dream continued but at least this time I was safe in Niall's arms.



I rolled over searching the bed for another human being but when I opened my eyes I noticed Niall wasn't there. I crinkled my eyebrows in confusion until I smelt food cooking in the kitchen. That's where he probably went. I blinked a few time readjusting to the light as I slowly sat up feeling for my phone. I looked to see I had one new message from Sky.

From; Sky (Crazy fool)

'Heyyy Kate sorry we didn't say but mum called about some family crisis so Lou and I have headed home for a few days.
Please tell the others and don't worry about we will be back soon. xx

Oh well...I...suppose that explains things. Maybe it is just me overreacting but for some reason I have a bad feeling something is going to happen. But it is probably my Katometer gone funny. Who knows. Flopping out of bed 20 minutes later, (it takes a while for me to get out of bed) I trudged down to the kitchen following the smell of freshly cooked...chicken and bacon. Although being a Cheskiterian (only eat fish and chicken) the bacon didn't really bother me. I spotted Niall stuffing food in his mouth, nothing new, whilst the rest looked worried.

'Ahhhh Kate' Megane spoke in a creepy voice. 'You finally decided to get up... you know it is only 12.34pm' Way to be precise Megane.

'Yeah, watcha ya gonna do about it ey.' I yawned as she just rolled her eyes. 'Why the long faces guys?'

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