It All Started With A Tattoo!! ( Book 1 H.S. fanfic) (Slowly Editing) by sassygirl93
It All Started With A Tattoo!! ( Allie
{COMPLETED} What happens when Allie goes to her local tattoo shop, and she runs into the one and only Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. Continue to read this story to find ou...
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DANGEROUSLY HIS (h.s.) by StylesTrish
DANGEROUSLY HIS (h.s.)by StylesTrish
He was bad, and even though she didn't want to admit it, she loved it with her entire being. BOOK 1 brokenheartedgirl69: i literally got tingles in my belly RecklessDemo...
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Controlled // COMPLETED by ktk446
Controlled // COMPLETEDby Hi
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Maybe I don't hate you?||l.s by idek_larryaf
Maybe I don't hate you?||l.sby GayLovers
"Louis that is your name right?" "No it's David." Louis and Harry are both in university, Louis's the captain of the footie team and Harry loves tak...
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Cold As Ice by imastupididyut
Cold As Iceby imastupididyut
"Why don't you get it through that thick head of yours, you fat ugly bitch? I don't want you. I don't like you. You are not my type. You have no class. You lack man...
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Harry Styles Imagines by Mimel13
Harry Styles Imaginesby Liv_Luv_Mimel
All your favourite Harry Styles Imagines that make you laugh, cry and crave for more. Every chapter is a new relationship with your favourite hottie, Harry Styles
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Platonic [H.S] by stylesaussie
Platonic [H.S]by claudia
Not many people are lucky enough to have a close and true friend in a person as I do in someone as remarkable as Harry. Having been best friends for ten years, Harry and...
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ENDLESSLY HIS (h.s.) by StylesTrish
ENDLESSLY HIS (h.s.)by StylesTrish
After his little one had been hit by a car and put under a coma, Harry's struggling to stay sane. We all know that the human doesn't do well without their guardian angel...
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One Direction Preferences by spiritualsvt
One Direction Preferencesby ˗ˏˋ 𝒋𝒐𝒍𝒊 ˎˊ˗
[ C O M P L E T E ] I saw these on different websites and Tumblr and I decided to add them for you, readers :) (NOT ALL MINE!!!!!!!) Enjoy :) x
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Just Breathe by NiallsJournal
Just Breatheby Hannah Nicole
I'll never forget that day. That day the doctor told me, I, Niall Horan, had cancer. Cancer. That awful, deadly disease that we all pray we never have to live with. I ha...
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pretty boy / ziam by tragicthrills
pretty boy / ziamby tyler
niazkilam: i literally do not deserve you at all fakeliampayne: you deserve more than me fakeliampayne: you deserve every single star in the sky **this story is kind o...
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vegas | H.S. by HOLYROSETH
vegas | dani the writer ✎
a story of a man who becomes hopelessly in love with a woman that thinks his intentions are nothing but that. [A Dramatic Romance Alternate Universe Novel] highest ran...
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Something in the dark!(Larry Stylinson)✔️ by PierceWithKellic
Something in the dark!(Larry Erika Anestedt
GRAMMER SUCKS IN THIS DEAL WITH IT OR DON'T READ IT. Harry Styles are 1/4 in one direction. He drinks, he hates everything and everyone. He hates his life the most. He...
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The Vow [h.s.] by narrygoals
The Vow [h.s.]by byeharold
"Tell me," he whispered lightly stroking my back. "Please don't marry her..." my words barely audible. He pulls me away from his embrace so he could...
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Sidemen imagines by molltieser
Sidemen imaginesby I sell dolphin meat
What's brown and sticky?...... \/ \/ \/ It's VICKYYY Requests always open
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Spaces H.S by Curlykiwi
Spaces H.Sby a ghost.
Carter Jones was diagnosed with cancer and has recently recovered from depression after receiving the news about her illness. To start afresh, Carter's parents send her...
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Instagram (zarry)  by builda13
Instagram (zarry) by Lucy
Harry styles and Zayn Malik, this is their story of how they came back together after one direction...
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Motel 6 // n.h by _HakunaMatata_
Motel 6 // n.hby // EMMA //
Motel 6- where you may find cockroaches in the showers, questionable food in the vending machine, and maybe, possibly, some love along the way. ...
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Zianourry One-Shots by NatLannister
Zianourry One-Shotsby NatLannister
Zianourry One-Shots Mostly Niall Centric. Hopefully you enjoy because I love writing these.
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Stay Alive // Harry Styles Fanfic by WaitForItStyles
Stay Alive // Harry Styles Fanficby :-)
"If kissing me shows how much you hate me, then hate me baby, loathe me, detest me." From sibling rivalry, to an enemy to all, Harry Styles is a manipulating a...
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