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A Sweet Dream (Book 1 - Foxy x Reader) SuchNormal by SuchNormal
A Sweet Dream (Book 1 - Foxy x Rea...by SuchNormal
This is from a girls point of view... unless your like... yeah so this is my foxy x reader. There's no bad stuff beside swearing.... I hope you enjoy!
  • xreader
  • foxyxreader
  • foxy
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Supernatural Imagines by TinyAsianEmpress
Supernatural Imaginesby TinyAsianEmpress
Imagines, preferences, one shots and mini series of supernatural characters and their actors. Highest ranking: #5 in nephilim #1 in pie REQUESTS OPEN I do not own anyt...
  • supernaturalimagines
  • nephilim
  • supernatural
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cherry pie // ziam ✓ by captainsunlinson
cherry pie // ziam ✓by Oops!
Zayn works the night shift at a diner and Liam is always in need of cherry pie.
  • flirting
  • cinnamon
  • payne
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Jensen Ackles x Reader by Erin_Winchester55
Jensen Ackles x Readerby ERIN ❤
Soooo y'all requested a Jensen x Reader so here it is bitches! After, years and years of watching the show, your friend FINALLY gets tickets for SupernaturalCon! Result...
  • misha
  • padalecki
  • dean
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Texts from Him | Destiel by WavyBrown2
Texts from Him | Destielby WavyBrown2
+ One day, Castiel Novak, burger lover and member of the bee club, gets an unexpected text from an unknown number. + (785) 124-1979: Hey, handsome! ;) CastielNovak: Uhmm...
  • casdean
  • gabriel
  • pie
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GhostXToast one shots by lk-hitch
GhostXToast one shotsby Guargent Hitch
One shot book of this ship. There may be others like GavinxJimmy and SpookerxColon but yeah. Warning: Violence, strong language, upsetting themes, and shipping. NO lem...
  • fluff
  • oneshots
  • gavinxjimmy
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Baking Pie and Mrs. Fletcher's Son by GreenPencil
Baking Pie and Mrs. Fletcher's Sonby Isabelle
There wasn't anything 65 year old Carol Fletcher enjoyed doing more than baking her famous Apple Pie. So, when the 15th Annual Sunrise Pie Competition seeks way there is...
  • mystery
  • friendship
  • blacklove
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Don't Forget Me (Larry AU) by hipsta_pleasee
Don't Forget Me (Larry AU)by Fluorescent Adolescent
Lost. That's all Harry Styles was to anyone anymore. Kidnapped at sixteen. Kidnapped from his future, from his family, from his boyfriend. It's been two years. Louis sho...
  • louis
  • kidnapped
  • fluff
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Bill Skarsgård Imagines  by hiddleston_1996
Bill Skarsgård Imagines by hiddleston_1996
Decided To Look Up Some But Found There's Not Much So I'll Write Some Myself. I Think I've Found A New Crush. ?
  • imagines
  • pie
  • cutie
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Supernatural Imagines by xXxEmo_KittenxXx
Supernatural Imaginesby Jailyn M. Lucero
Some Supernatural imagines! Yay! There is no smut in this book and these are my first SPN imagines ever. Um yeah. Disclaimer: I own none of the spn characters or the s...
  • demons
  • bible
  • sammy
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Truth of the Silvers (Vampire Knight) by colorlesssky9001
Truth of the Silvers (Vampire Knig...by colorlesssky9001
Her name is Rose. Full name is Rose Megumi Silver, and after 3 and a half years of pestering, her mother has finally gotten her to at least try out Cross Academy. The ca...
  • pie
  • apple
  • truth
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Before She Was Awesome by OceanWaves264
Before She Was Awesomeby OceanWaves264
How did Rainbow Dash get her confidence? Well, it was a long road of recovery and learning. Rainbow was always loyal but what if at first she was too loyal, to the wrong...
  • mylittlepony
  • ốc
  • occrainbow
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The Not So Interesting Adventures of Spam Girl and Pie Boy by TA_LA_Bane23
The Not So Interesting Adventures...by Wannabe Writer
^ Cover by: @KemyLovee ^ **Revamped** Online, Sienna Graham, is known as @LifeOfSlim; popular Instagram spam page owner. In real life, Sienna struggles with the growing...
  • asian
  • icecream
  • ukulele
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To hell and back( destiel college AU) by midnightstar335
To hell and back( destiel college...by midnight star
Castiel has always been different from everyone else. Now he is forced to go to college, where he meats a beautiful stranger. Castiel finds out that his name is Dean Win...
  • readmystory
  • fluffandsmut
  • sam
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Venturiantale Oneshots by EnderGirl555
Venturiantale Oneshotsby EnderGirl555
REQUESTS NEEDED PLZ!!!!!!!!! Btw most of these are probably gonna be ones that are really weird such as, Spooker X Colon, Sally x Jimmy, Jordan x Johnny Ghost, stuff lik...
  • gmod
  • pie
  • requests
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Em,anh và cô ấy by louis_anha
Em,anh và cô ấyby 🍀Hạ Sunny(晴朗)🍀
Tên truyện:Em,anh và cô ấy Tác giả:Louis An Hạ Đọc hay thì vote cho mik nhé!!❤❤ LinkFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vk.Yang.09
  • pie
  • ấy
  • louis
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(Finished) Monster |Male Storyshift Chara X Female Reader| by Xx__Lunar-san__xX
(Finished) Monster |Male Storyshif...by Eri
So i'm making this story cause... Why the hell not? Anyway... (Y/n) was an outcast who was bullied a lot well surprise she's suicidal. Will she be suicidal by the time C...
  • storyshift
  • pie
  • asriel
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MLP X Male Reader [Request] by DragonMysteryBlade
MLP X Male Reader [Request]by DragonMysteryBlade
I Feel Like There's Not That Many MLP X Male Reader So I Made This, Request Anypony You Would Like To See (Enjoy The Cringe This Is My First Story So I Might Be Really B...
  • male
  • twilight
  • rainbow
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Supernatural One-Shots by -incalescent
Supernatural One-Shotsby c a t e
One shots with the characters of Supernatural! ••• Ongoing
  • tragedy
  • humor
  • castiel
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Dean x Reader x Castiel by Erin_Winchester55
Dean x Reader x Castielby ERIN ❤
Warning: Polygamous relationship! This story is a Dean x Cas x Reader romance story. The reader falls in love with Dean, but as time goes on, she also starts falling for...
  • reader
  • angels
  • hell
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