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The Monsters they became (A MlpFim fanfic) by DuskWing
The Monsters they became (A MlpFim...by Sasha Enger
The mane six have gone through an huge transformation. They are no longer ponies! They have become monsters. Can they go back to their old life when every-pony is callin...
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Jessabelle and the pie by katiegirl1233
Jessabelle and the pieby Katlyn
This story will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat. Not recommended for children
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The amazing mom by MasonBesmer
The amazing momby MasonBesmer
My mom is amazing.
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Rants, Songs, Notes... Random Shit cx by sundii
Rants, Songs, Notes... Random Shit...by Sundii ♡
Pm me some bios, songs, notes or anything you want to send me, i'll put it in!!
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Wrong Move (Ashton Irwin Fanfic) by music_ismy_escape
Wrong Move (Ashton Irwin Fanfic)by Full Name
"You know who you look like?" She asked. "Who?" I pretended not to know who she was going to say. "Ashton Irwin." She said. "Never...
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Pinkie Pie-A Life Story by PinkiePiePartyLol
Pinkie Pie-A Life Storyby PinkiePiePartyLol
Hello! I'm Pinkie Pie but you can just call me Pinkie! I am going to tell you about what has happened in my life so sit down, kick your legs up and get some cake! It al...
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The End of the Rainbow by Pinkiepizzazz
The End of the Rainbowby Pinkiepizzazz
Not many people know this, but the story of cupcakes is a lie. Rainbow Dash actually survived, but she will never be the same. It's time for REVENGE! Muahahaha Read on i...
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I'm My Bully's Mate? WHAT? by cheetoz19
I'm My Bully's Mate? WHAT?by Cheetoz
Scarlette Morartti is a girl with too many issues. When she was ten, her dad left and took her big brother with. At age twelve, her mom started beating her. At age 14, s...
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#Selfie Pinkie pie by thePinkiesherlock
#Selfie Pinkie pieby thePinkiesherlock
Read inside for details.
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Poisin Ivy by wafflez9101
Poisin Ivyby wafflez9101
Ivy is just an ordinary wizard. Suddenly, she meets both Snape and Voldemort, disguised as another average wizard, on the same day. When love sparks, then both wizards c...
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Pinkie Pie meets up with Trixie by thepinkieCHRONICLES
Pinkie Pie meets up with Trixieby thepinkieCHRONICLES
Trixies life is the absolute worst after her Boast as the best unicorn in Ponyville. She has no idea what to do...she decides to go to the friendliest pony who might un...
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Wait! She Knows Who We Are and She Didn't Fangirl?! by bluegirl118
Wait! She Knows Who We Are and She...by Jo Arrons
Jo has a very hard job, a job not even most grown men can handle; she is One Direction's bodyguard. Find out what happens in this story. There may be fun, games, pranks...
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Ask fluttershy! by xXfluttershy
Ask fluttershy!by That mangled fox
Hi guys! Just comment to ask a question!
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Venturiantale Character songs by Rivencipher
Venturiantale Character songsby Squish
Songs I think go with each character
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Legend of the Mañana Episode 1 by JonathanBandy
Legend of the Mañana Episode 1by Jonathan Bandy
This historical fiction/action/adventure Legend of the Mañana, takes place in 1700s Europe, where the soft spoken swordsman Yasac, meets the eccentric aspiring pirate Sc...
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Supernatural Rants And Crack And Sh*t by Saltier_Salt
Supernatural Rants And Crack And S...by Erin
I need to just let out all of my feeling into this book, please forgive me...
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Tell Me a Lie by Sarebear123
Tell Me a Lieby Sara VanDenBosch
Callie Edwards has embraced the life of a superstar's girlfriend. Harry Styles is the love of her life, but is she the love of his? When Harry's ex-girlfriend shows up o...
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Song Lyrics by InspiratinalName
Song Lyricsby InspiratinalName
Song lyrics to the songs that I love! If you enjoy any of the songs that I do, go ahead and give it a vote!
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Klaus, You Know You Like Chocolate Milk by TamYam13
Klaus, You Know You Like Chocolate...by ScorpiBean
What's sweeter than chocolate milk? A grown relationship with Klaus Goldstein. Complete with smut and fluffy laughter. Please leave opinions so that I may improve my wri...
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Being Mr. Player's Slave by OnceUponABook
Being Mr. Player's Slaveby Pandora
Avery is the good girl, perfect grades, perfect record and perfect daughter. Losing her virginity to the schools most notorious player, Ash Brinton, is not what she had...
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