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I'm Not A Monster Ghost (VT) by pop267lol
I'm Not A Monster Ghost (VT)by pop267lol
Jimmy only wants to help Johnny the way he knows how. He doesn't mean to harm or kill anyone. He's not a monster... (The characters belong to VenturianTale Art done by m...
Secret twin 1D - Book 1 by 1dnarnianlou
Secret twin 1D - Book 1by Musketeer 1
Skylar Tomlinson is Louis' forgotten twin that he never spoken of after he auditioned for the x factor. Skylar is bullied And tormented and called a liar when all she d...
Dark Tendencies (Dean Winchester x Reader) by Deansdeamgirl
Dark Tendencies (Dean Winchester x...by Deansdeamgirl
You are a damn good hunter with a dark past and almost no hope for a normal future... Will your new-found family help you overcome your dark side? Disclaimer: This is a...
Supernatural Imagines by TinyAsianEmpress
Supernatural Imaginesby TinyAsianEmpress
Wattpad Supernatural featured. A collection of imagines, preferences, one shots and mini series of supernatural characters and their actors. COMPLETED ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─...
My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship (MLP remake with male OC added) by DanieruLOF
My Little Pony - The Legend of Fri...by Danieru LOF
The lonely and boring life of an Earth-Pony in Ponyville changed forever after meeting six mares, being chosen by an unknown Element of Harmony and experiencing friendsh...
On Days Like These ❀ Undertale /On Break/ by AstriaX
On Days Like These ❀ Undertale /On...by Madzy
You have a routine; jog, relax, and work. It may seem mundane to most, but for you it's comfortable, easy. It keeps you in your bubble. And you wouldn't change anything...
pie guy | s.t x reader by majorwhore
pie guy | s.t x readerby ♡ ♡
"I'm sorry, why do you need to see the ju-" "No reason. Come on." Mr. Todd interrupted, and (y/n) didn't argue. He may be pretty, but he was damn st...
Don't Forget Me (Larry AU) by hipsta_pleasee
Don't Forget Me (Larry AU)by Fluorescent Adolescent
Lost. That's all Harry Styles was to anyone anymore. Kidnapped at sixteen. Kidnapped from his future, from his family, from his boyfriend. It's been two years. Louis sho...
A Little Crazy by ChristinaLaurenBooks
A Little Crazyby Christina Lauren
He's the new mysterious tenant across the street. She's spent her entire life here. Can he convince her that life isn't a place, but what you keep with you? [Thank you f...
Gift from chuck  (Dean Winchester x reader ) by minapunpun
Gift from chuck (Dean Winchester...by Mina punitive
So I actually made the cover and I'm really proud of it so please don't steal it or anything thanx xxx An angel sent down to earth finally claiming her vessel meets with...
A Sweet Dream (Book 1 - Foxy x Reader) SuchNormal by SuchNormal
A Sweet Dream (Book 1 - Foxy x Rea...by SuchNormal
This is from a girls point of view... unless your like... yeah so this is my foxy x reader. There's no bad stuff beside swearing.... I hope you enjoy!
Yeah, I'm A Maslow. So? by BTRlover197
Yeah, I'm A Maslow. So?by BTRlover197
The band of Big Time Rush is taking a break at the Maslow's house which somehow irks Emily, James little sister. But when one of the guys made a move on her, she wasn't...
Supernatural Boyfriend Scenarios by AriaGraystone
Supernatural Boyfriend Scenariosby Aria Graystone
The characters that are in the book are: ~Dean Winchester ~Sam Winchester ~Lucifer ~Crowley ~Castiel ~Gabriel
All Rights Reserved by DoterLis74
All Rights Reservedby DoterLis74
A love story of two people with good hearts... (Tae Darvid & Pie Rinrada)
Set yourself free - Book 2 - by 1dnarnianlou
Set yourself free - Book 2 -by Musketeer 1
Things ended badly and now everyone waits. No one knows what will happen so they can only happen. As everyone prays for Skylar, it seems things can up from here. Right? ...
Supernatural Memes and Quotes by adrienette_for_life
Supernatural Memes and Quotesby Elise Toliver
The greatest thing ever known to mankind.
The Beauty and The Killer (Sons Of Anarchy Fan Fiction) by Flyer202
The Beauty and The Killer (Sons Of...by Flyer202
Bristol was the type of girl to act first, then ask questions later. So when she gets a panicked phone call from her sisters at six in the morning. About her mom picking...
Bill Skarsgård Imagines  by hiddleston_1996
Bill Skarsgård Imagines by hiddleston_1996
Decided To Look Up Some But Found There's Not Much So I'll Write Some Myself. I Think I've Found A New Crush. ?
Too Bad! [ BFB x reader ] by FennecFics
Too Bad! [ BFB x reader ]by Max
What if the characters in BFB never appeared in the human world? What if, instead, a human appeared into the world of BFB? What would happen then? (This is an alternati...
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【Hell-Land】 by LuciMorningstar-
【Hell-Land】by 🦋-Luci-🦋
"- I swear to God..Yeah that's a good one..He was already dead when i found him."