Hey my little ducklings hows life.

So 'Secret twin is nearly finished but i have decided there will be another two books after praise the lord...

anyway if you would like to be a character in the new book please ask...i think i might do a little competiton thing soooo if you write a one shot about Louis and dedicate it to me you can be entered...

so basically the one shot can be abotu anything you want but no stealing others ideas

the winner will get a shoutout, dedication in some chapters, i will read your story and you can date louis in the book...

second and third place will be able to be another character in the book and you can decide how you want to be included if you want to be someone good? bad? or just a completely random character it is up to you. you guys will also get a shout out, dedication and i will read you stories aswell.

Any other enteries will get a shout out and i will still read your story and comment on it like the others. I'm always looking for something new to read.

if you are enetering at the bottom of your one shot can you tell me about the character you would like to be....so

Name, personality, what you look like, random facts, likes/dislikes, anything you would want included...

so yeah i hope some of you are up to  entering...the closing date i think will be next sunday but i will extend it if need to be.

If you are interested comment on this and let me know so i know who to wait for..

Thank you my little ducklings i hope you are enjoying this book and i already have a few ideas for the next 2 books and lets just say there is going to be a lot more completely random moments and sarcasticness just warning you


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