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Chapter 57: Home. 


"I want to cherish your warmth, 

I want to be your shadow, 

I want to be called yours, 

I want to be your home"



Nahal walked around the backyard, her fingers grazing the tip of flowers, leaves and stems randomly. She liked the afternoon atmosphere in Sawarah. It reeked of dust, multiple flower scents and fresh air. It was a breather for her after the hectic schedule of work she had been caught in all this while. Now you are married too. She reminded herself, smiling. She stood by the gray picket fence, looking towards the large barn and stables in the far off compound. Maybe I should ask Yahyah to get horses and chickens? And become a farmer? It would be so lit though. She let out a laugh at her thoughts. Of course it would be amazing. But what of her Engineering Degree exactly?

"What are you thinking?" she tilted her head to the right to see Yahyah walking towards her. She immediately smiled brightly at him. He let out a small laugh before taking a stand beside her.

"I was thinking of becoming a farmer" she told him honestly, watching his face for the reaction. Yahyah's expression morphed into a surprised one before he raised an eyebrow at her questioningly.


"Because I want to. I mean you have the stables and honestly, getting horses and keeping them would be amazing" she told him and his lips curled into a smile.

"It would be amazing but tending to them takes a lot of time and energy" he told her and she shrugged.

"We can always ask for extra hands" she replied and he let out a small laugh.

"You've thought this through then" he told her and she shrugged again with a sly smile.

"I've always wanted a horse but it was kinda illegal to keep one in your house in UK" she told him and he laughed.

"Why would you want to keep a horse inside your house?"


"Because?" Nahal let out a laugh, looking away. Yahyah grinned at her, blinking slowly to avoid missing anything about the beauty in front of him. He leaned towards her and she turned to him, upon sensing his body heat. What is he doing? She felt his long, slender fingers graze her cheeks softly while her eyes fluttered rapidly upon the warm contact.

Yahyah smiled at her as he watched her lean onto the palm of his hand. The hand of his found its way to her waist and pulled her to his body. She let out a small gasp at the sudden contact but before she could even think, Yahyah was kissing her.


Dinner at Yazdan and Yahyah's all time favorite restaurant, Aurevoir was filled with chatters and laughs. It was light brightly and the tables were divided into two sets; the front and the back. The elders were at the front while the youths were at the back.

Yahyah set beside Yazdan at the end of the table, with a grin on his face. He was happy about today. It's been a while. Nahal was seated on his right while Yazdan was on his left. His gaze roamed down to his and Nahal's entwined hands which rested on her lap. He grinned.

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