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Chapter 53: No KPop Please!



Dressing up, 

Styling your hair/hijab,

Flowers blooming everywhere. 

Vibrant colors in the light. 

That is how,

weddings bring happiness"



The blue sky and bright sun became the highlight of the morning, where everyone was getting ready for Aanabia's henna ceremony at Yazdan's large backyard. The place was decorated with flowers and white and yellow steamers. Children ran around the front yard, supervised by the older sisters, while no men were at sight. The henna ceremony was exclusively for females which also excluded the groom.

Aanabia was almost ready. She set by the dresser, letting Nahal, Amyrah and Kulthum put flower hairpins in her braided hair updo. She smiled at herself in the mirror as she watched them do that. Qaidah had bought a silk sari for her henna ceremony (which was originally planned for the night but the girls suggested it be done during the day so they have time to rest before Walima)

The sari was bright yellow with green and golden borders at the bottom and the ends of the falls. The borders were thick and had a diagrammatic pattern to it. The blouse was dark green and golden, the same as the thick borders.

"Perfect" Amyrah finished placing the last flower hairpin on her hair with a grin. Aanabia turned to the side and observed her long hair. The hair was placed up in a messy low bun, with a few lose tendrils. There were two braids that started from the side of her head and met at the bun itself. Small white and yellow rose hairpins (that had green leaves) were placed around the top of the bun, giving it a nest look. There were a lose tendrils on her face too, the ones she hastily pushed aside.

"You look absolutely gorgeous" Kulthum told her and Aanabia let out a small smile. Nahal had done her makeup lightly and Qaidah had helped her wear the Sari (because she cannot do so herself. She did try but she tripped and fell multiple times) while Kulthum and Amyrah had helped her in doing her hair. She wore her wedding ring and no other accessory in her hands for she would eventually have to take them off for the henna. She did wear an Anklet, a gift from Amyrah. The sari that Qaidah bought came with matching earrings and necklace, which were very simple much to her happiness.

She was finally dressed, Nahal noted with a small smile. Nahal had a hard time donning on the Sari she had, but nonetheless, with Kulthum's help she was done in no time. Amyrah, Kulthum and Nahal were wearing a bright yellow chiffon sari with different colored blouses. Amyrah had her hair up in a bun with a few flowers at it while Kulthum had braided it to the back with flowers at the end. Nahal had a messy bun with literally no flowers until Amyrah placed a miniature yellow sunflower at the side of the messy bun. 

The girls walked out of the house to the backyard, with smiles and laughter. A few pictures were clicked along the way and music flowed in the air from somewhere outside. Laughter rang through the yard as the ladies gathered around the front to see the beautiful bride-to-be. Aanabia grinned at them, having known them for a while now as she took her seat at the throne of hers which happened to be decorated beautifully. She had to sit on the small chair though, which had a height of barely 40cm. There were flowers all around the place while the henna artist set beside the chair, on the rugged floor. Hifzah was also seated beside her daughter, smiling up at her through glassy eyes. 

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