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Chapter 32: Best Friend. 


"'When he gets hurt, 

I feel the pain too.

When he cries, 

I cry with him too. 

It is just how 

a bond between best friends is"



The following morning, Yazdan woke up at around 11am to see his mother beside him. Qaidah's face was tear stained as she watched her son wake up. Yazdan smiled at her slightly before she pulled him in a hug.

"Stupid boy. What if something happened to you?" she whispered, running her hands over his head. Yazdan let out a small laugh. Mom. He missed his mother's warm hugs. She then placed a kiss on his forehead and blew onto him some Surah's that she read for his protection. He knew this because she usually did it with him and the siblings. Typical mum. 

"As salaam" he said to her and she replied with a smile. Her expressions were that of happiness but sorrow laced some parts of it.

"I am fine, Ammi. Its okay" he told her and she let out a sigh.

"You didn't take your injections on time, Yazdan. This is why it happened"

"My blood sugar was under control, Ammi"

"You didn't check them, I bet. You used your internal clock for it, I bet" Yazdan let out a small laugh at this. It is true though.

"Where is abba?"

"Outside with Kayan. Grandma and Grandfather are also here but they are outside" Yazdan let out a small sigh.

"I troubled all of you. I am so sorry"

"It is fine, Yaza. We were worried sick that something big happened to you. They kept you under observation until 10am today, when we arrived" she told him and he nodded.

"Am I still under observation?" he questioned her and she let out a smile. Qaidah saw the little 6 year old Yazdan asking her this question when he was first diagnosed with diabetes. It was type 1 and he was admitted in the hospital for four days. The most painful four days of her life.

"Yes. But I promise it will all be okay" she hugged him and Yazdan let out a content sigh. His mother's hugs were the best ones.

"I see he is awake" He opened one of his eyes to see his father, grandfather and grandmother enter the room. He let go of his mother and grinned at them.

"Don't grin at us, young man! You almost killed yourself with that carelessness of-" Aahil was cut off by his mother.

"He is sick, Aahil. Stop berating my grandchild." She then turned to Yazdan and walked over to him before giving him a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Never do that again, Yaza."

Yazdan merely nodded. He looked at his family and smiled in content. Never do it again, Yazdan. You cannot hurt them.

"Please call Kulthum, Sahl, Safwah and Karmaan and tell them I am absolutely fine and that they don't need to fly here" he told his mom and Qaidah smiled before walking over to her seat. She picked up her phone and messaged on their family Viber group stating that Yazdan was fine. Soon, videos began piling in. Qaidah opened them and gave the phone to Yazdan since it were for him.

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