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"And if everything 

is not well, 

It is not the end




Time flew by like the winds of September in Adelaide. Seasons changed, trees changed colors and the birds migrated. As these wonderful things occurred, the bond between two unlikely people grew even stronger than before. With rocky fights, tears, forgiveness and lots of love in the way, Aanabia and Yazdan grew closer to each other, much like two peas in a pod.

The Zaeef's were glad to see their second son well settled and happy. Now they were worried about the rest, especially Kulthum.

"Yaza, have you eaten?" called out Aanabia from the living room where she was putting up the flowers on the wooden railings of the stairs with Kulthum. Kulthum laughed at her brother and sister-in-law. 

"Yeah and took my insulin. Calm down" he called back from the kitchen where he was apparently eating more. Aanabia and Kulthum let out a series of laughter. It was Amyrah and Kayan's 5 year anniversary which was organized in the Zaeef Gold Coast home located a few streets from the beach itself. The two children were running around the house, yelling and screaming while Karmaan rushed after them to ensure they don't get hurt.

The backyard housed a large pool on one end and a volleyball court on the other. In the middle was a large tiled bonfire pit around which were multiple chairs. Lounge chaise's set underneath the shady trees and Tiki torches stood by the end of the railings around the backyard.

The boys were in a messy game of volleyball with Yahyah, Sahl on one side and Kayan and Ehaan on the other.

"Oii, no cheating!" yelled Yahyah to Ehaan and Kayan who grinned at him.

"We are not cheating" yelled back Ehaan, clearing cheating by throwing the ball at the opposing team rather than hitting it with his hands.

"I am not playing anymore. You both cheat a lot" whined Sahl as he stepped out of the court. Kayan laughed at his little brother.

"Stop being a whiny kid" Sahl mimicked the way Kayan spoke back at him causing the boys to erupt into laughter. He too laughed picking up his phone and towel from the chair under the large shady trees. His eyes narrowed down at the multiple missed calls from work, specifically one of the colleagues. Maybe she is just calling- She never calls me like this. He heaved a sigh and dialed back the number he never thought he'd dial.

"As salaam alaikum" her soft voice rang through the speakers. He frowned, taking a seat.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam. What pleasure do I owe you for calling, Miss. Siddique?" he replied and there was a soft chuckle from the other end.

"The chief has been trying to call you to no avail so I thought I'd try"

"How did you get my personal number?" he questioned her and she sighed on the other hand.

"Ayeh Hayeh, mere Qutub Minar. How I get things is my secret weapon. I won't sell it for the world" she told him and he huffed at her usage of his personalized name. Wait till she sees the other brothers, he thought with disdain.


"How soon can you make it to Brisbane City Hospital?" she asked him. His frowned deepened and his heart began to pick up speed. Did something happen? 

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