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Chapter 20: The CEO.


"His tears 

made my heart clench.

His pain

felt like my own. 

His vulnerability 

hurt me like a storm. 

His heart

felt like home."



Nahal waited for him to speak. She watched him pace his office and heaved a sigh, before checking her watch. It was almost 6pm. She reached here at around 5:15pm and since then, he has been pacing the floors.

"Can you speak already please? It is almost 6pm!" she muttered. I have work, unlike you. He halted and turned to face her.

"Look, I do not know how I am supposed to explain this" he started and she held her hands up, stopping him immediately. She tilted her head to the man in black, standing at the corner by the doors. Man in black. Hahahhahaa.

"Him?" the question reached him pretty easily and Nahal was surprised. She usually had to explain people what she was talking about.

"That's Eamon, my bodyguard. Don't worry, I trust him. Anyway, as I was saying-" he started and Nahal nodded, taking a seat on the chair in front of the CEO desk.

"-Mom knows about Aanabia and I am not as oblivious as Yazdan. I know she likes him but I don't get why. I seriously don't. Look, my mom and I- lets just say we don't share a close relationship. I....... I was....... Arhg this is hard" he muttered and Nahal turned to face him with a small smile.

"Take a seat" she told him and he looked at her with confusion. She nodded, gesturing to the seat in front of her. He walked over and took a seat, before leaning onto the chair and waiting for her to speak.

"Calm?" she asked him and he nodded. I have never seen him like that. "Now tell me"

He stayed silent. Maybe it is something he feels too awkward talking about? Or too hurt? Hurt? What hurt Yahyah Rashad?

"What hurt you?" the question was simple, said in the softest tone. Yahyah heard it clearly. He lifted his head to see her looking at him with emotions. It was not pity or sympathy,that he usually saw on people's faces. It was somewhat sad, like she felt what he felt and she was trying to hide it. And for the first time since the death of his father, he found himself willingly trust someone.

Nahal smiled at him. His eyes were glistened with unshed tears and it filled up suddenly. She prayed whatever hurt him, to leave him alone. Oh Allah, I am not the best believer but I am asking you for this. Oh Allah, whatever is hurting Yahyah, let it leave. Let the pain go away and grant him Sabr. The little prayer in her heart startled her for she was never to think or say such things. Not one of the times that she knew of anyway. She tilted her head slightly in confusion.

"My father died a few months ago before I shifted here" his statement and the emotions lacing it made Nahal shudder. His father passed away. Didn't Zaiha say she was divorced?

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