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Chapter 56: Please, Please let me marry her.


"The prayers I sent to the heavens, 

have all been answered. 

In the form of you"



The Yabia wedding reception rolled by smoothly with less to no problems at all. The guests left on a good note and the Zaeef family were tired as ever. The following day, the boys helped clear out the barns and take down decorations with the girls. Grandparent Zaeef along with Qaidah and Aahil were returning home via the midnight flight that very day while the boys were to depart the following day.

Amidst the busy day, Yahyah found time to talk to Qaidah and Aahil before they left for Gold Coast. He had dragged the two to have lunch with him before they left. Of course, others were confused but he convinced them to let him go out with them and that he'd explain everything later. So now they were at the local diner with a very fidgeting Yahyah and two confused parents.

"Speak child. You are worrying us" Qaidah told him and he let out a nervous laugh. Aahil grinned at him before turning to his wife. He knew. Qaidah shared a glance with Aahil and nodded anyway. She folded her hands in front of her, waiting for him to speak.

"I think I found the one" he blurted out, causing Qaidah's eyes to widen and Aahil to grin even more widely (If it was possible). Qaidah blinked rapidly and gaped at her husband who seemed to know about this too.


"Nahal" Aahil and Yahyah answered together. Aahil chuckled after him while his wife rolled her eyes at him and turned her attention to Yahyah who was blushing.

"Nahal as in Aanabia's sister?" she asked, just to be sure. Yahyah nodded at her, confirming it. She let out a slow smile which morphed into a grin a few seconds later. Yahyah watched their expressions while withholding his breath. Are they okay with it?

"That is-" Qaidah was speechless. She felt like the twins as she liked to call Yahyah and Yazdan, had planned this out. Two best friends marrying two sisters. How amazing would that be?

Yahyah, on the other hand, took her silence as a bad thing. He chewed onto the insides of his cheeks with a frown.

"You are not okay with it?" he asked Qaidah and Qaidah's gaze snapped up to him. She did not realize she was silent. She let out a small smile.

"Of course not, Yaha. We love you and we want you to be happy. If Nahal is that, then alright" she said, glancing at Aahil who held her hand on the table before nodding at Yahyah.

"If you know she is the one, then why not?" he told him. Yahyah let out a sigh of relief, leaning onto the table with almost tears in his eyes. I don't know what I would do if they said no. Qaidah sensed this and ruffled his hair with a soft smile.

"Who you love, we'll love her too Yahyah. You know that. And Nahal is an amazing girl. I know you both would fit perfectly together" she told him and Yahyah blushed even brighter, peering at her from underneath his long lashes like a shy little boy. Qaidah let out a laugh at this.

The waiter arrived with their food and they dug in. Yahyah felt like a huge burden had been lifted off his chest. They accepted her.

"Have you told Zaiha?" Qaidah's question caught him off guard. He placed his spoon and fork on the plate and turned to them.

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