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Chapter 28: Ramadhan Haps.


"The beauty of Ramadhan is such, 

That it brings happiness when it comes, 

Brings togetherness when it stays, 

Brings sadness when it leaves

and Leaves a longing in the heart

until the next time we meet"



Ramadhan rolled by fast. The weather morphed into a beautiful one, which was not hot nor too cold, it was average. Soft winds blew and the sun shone in all its glory. First week of Ramadhan went by smoothly. Yazdan adapted to his new schedule, one which had people involved in it. Each morning, he would wake up extra early, offer Tahajjud then help Zaiha with Suhoor followed by having Suhoor. He would read Quraan while waiting for Fajr and after Fajr before getting ready for work by 7am. He broke his oath to not work while he is living with Yahyah when he received an offer he could not refuse. He was asked to work with Walkswill Hospital's board to plan their latest project, Walkswill Children's Hospital in Adelaide, Australia. He saw it as a good deed so he agreed to take a look at it and thus, his new project came about.

The entire week went in a spur since he was busy on video conferencing the team working on the project, jotting down pointers and making brief sketches. He is yet to see the landscape so he cannot finalize the drawings just yet.

In the afternoons, he would help Zaiha make savories and food (sometimes) for the mosque. They would drive to the mosque and open their fast before praying Isha prayer followed by Taraweeh, which is a special prayer offered in Ramadhan whereby the Imaam tries to finish the Quraan (in the salaat) during the 30 days of Ramadhan.

Yazdan tries to finish one Para/ Juz of the Quraan each day so that he can finish it in those 30 holy days. So far, he has been competent.

By the time it is the second week, Yazdan is familiar with the people around him. He is friends with Raeef and Abrar but he liked Laham the most. The man was a writer and boy did he write wonderful stories.

Like now, the boys were seated under the large tree outside the mosque, waiting for Asr. Yahyah was busy at work so he would miss out today. Yazdan was seated on the bench, with Raeef beside him. Abrar was on one of the chairs along with Laham, opposite them. They were talking about business and news when writing came up.

"You write, don't you Laham?" said Abrar and Laham smiled shyly before nodding. Yazdan smiled at him. So much like Sahl.

"Then. Do tell us something you've written" suggested Raeef and Laham shook his head.

"Oh come on dude. I would like to hear something" probed Abrar and Laham finally heaved a sigh.

"Alright. This is a poem though." The boys nodded and Yazdan leaned onto his hands to hear it. He was not a fan of poems but he sure was interested on what Laham would write.

"When my days were low,

And my heart was hollow,

You brought me peace,

And Guided my way.

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