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Chapter 11: Ain't a truther.


"And suddenly,

Life felt so much happier.

Even if

We were in the middle

Of a crisis"



Yazdan stood by the large windows, staring outside to the rain. He had to call Kayan, but he put the call away for another time. Today, he was focused on something else. Specifically, the woman standing beside him. She stood silently beside him with a small smile playing on her lips, as if she were thinking something sweet. Her onyx eyes lit up and Yazdan watched her small smile turn into a grin, in the glass infront of him.

She really is something else. He thought with a small smile, which was unknown to him. It was after lunch that he had decided to watch it rain lightly. He was tired of her staring at him at the table so he opted for some time alone. Of course, she followed him there. He could not understand why she liked to do that.

"Are you engaged?"

Yazdan raised an eyebrow and tilted his head towards her slightly. She was staring right ahead, not bothering to look at him. But he saw, he saw the strength it took her to ask him that simple question.

"Why?" he found himself questioning back. She let out a small sigh before shrugging.

"Are you?" Yazdan stared hard. He wanted to know why she was what she was. She didn't look at him still. He let out a small sigh and turned to the rain outside.


And just like that, he watched her expression change from a serious one to a gleeful one before she turned to face him.

"Really?" Yazdan shrugged, not bothering to turn to face her directly. Instead, he opted to watch her in the glass of the windows. It was much easier, he thought. She stayed silent for a while, watching him. He felt her stare on him, but made no move to talk. He watched her expression turn happy then to a thoughtful one. It stayed, the thoughtful expression stayed for a while before she finally turned and walked away.

He let out a small smile at her antics.

"Why are you so happy?" his head turned to see Yahyah standing beside him, where Aanabia once stood.

"I am happy?" he made it sound like a question and Yahyah raised an eyebrow at him.

"Anyway, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come for the dinner with the Ibrahims" he said and Yazdan turned to him.

"Ibrahim? As in your business partner, Ibrahim?" he questioned and Yahyah nodded.

"We have a meeting with them next week Friday. Well, more of coming Friday. But anyway, you want to or no?"

"When is this?"

"I am asking my PA, which reminds me; I have to ask the HR to hold an interview for a PA." said Yahyah and Yazdan rolled his eyes. This guy was jumping topics too fast.

"You were telling me about the dinner?" he questioned and Yahyah nodded, giving him a small smile.

"Work is stressing me out. Jeez. Anyway, I will have someone from the project team and the HR team receives the Ibrahims at the airport on Thursday. They land here at around...... okay that I am not sure. But, we have dinner with them on Friday, after the meeting" he said and Yazdan stared at him, astonished.

How did he manage to remember so much?

"Alright I guess" Yahyah let out a sigh of relief which was not missed by Yazdan.

"What is it?"

"The dinner was kinda with the project head, CEO and the Ibrahims" he said and the cogwheels in Yazdan's brain turned until it made sense. He smirked.

"Afraid of being alone there?" he smirked and Yahyah let out a scoff.

"In your dreams. In my defense, you would need to talk to Iqraam Ibrahim because his best friend is in partnership with Kayan bhai"

"Kayan bhai. Not me."

"So? Aren't you guys in the same family?"

"So? That doesn't make the fact that you are scared to be alone with Miss Nahal at the dinner with the Ibrahims, false"

"Are you calling me a liar?!" Yahyah asked in fake distaste.

Yazdan smirked.

"Well, I ain't calling you a truther"

"You've got to be kidding me!!" the two boys turned to see Zul. "Drake and Josh lines again!" The two boys stared at each other before chuckling.

"It never gets old" replied Yahyah, before walking away.


Aanabia was ecstatic. He was single! She thought with glee as she skipped past the steps, towards the kitchen where her sister and aunt were.

"Ah fancy seeing you here" teased Nahal, when she entered. She rolled her eyes and walked over to where the two were standing, with a smile. Zaiha grinned at them.

"What is it?" she asked Aanabia who shrugged, even if her pink tinted cheeks gave it away.

"Tell me something, Aunt Zaiha" she began, turning to Zaiha. Zaiha nodded at her. "Is it considered weird if the girl makes the first move in your family?"

Zaiha raised an eyebrow at the girls question.

"Typically, I would say yes." She replied and then smirked. "Why?"

Aanabia considered her answer silently. If that was true, then Yazdan would definitely think crazy of her. Even if she wasn't. But she could not just sit and wait for Yazdan to fall in love with her, now can she? Lord knows that would take forever!

"Aanabia?" Nahal called her out of her trance and she gave them a grin.

"It was just a question. Theoretical." She replied and Zaiha and Nahal shared a similar look.

"What is it, sweetie?" questioned Zaiha, softly. Aanabia eyed her carefully. If she let it slip that she liked Yazdan, things just not might end up well. But at this point, she thought she was ready to risk it all. After all, impressing mothers was important. So she inhaled a deep breath and screwed her eyes shut in a silent prayer.

Oh Allah, please, please, pretty please, pretty please with cherry on top; handle this for me. Thank you.

"I like Yazdan"


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