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Chapter 9: Familia.


"Do not question me, oh sister. 

Do not ask me how I am. 

For I have never been happier, 

until I fell for him."



Yazdan lay on the bed with his laptop over his stomach as he furiously typed. He was working on his project on the Adelaide Greenhouse Renovation. It was more of breaking down and making it again though. The notifications on his phone began blaring all too soon and he heaved a sigh before leaning over the table and picking it up. Swiping it open with his fingerprint, he clicked on the source of so many notifications.

It was the Zaeef Sibling Viber group, that had so many messages.

Kulthum: Look what I found today! [Picture message]

He tapped it open and a smile formed on his face when he saw it was their picture from a long time ago. It was when Kayan had graduated from high school. Everyone looked so small and innocent. Now, they are all so different.

Safwah: I look nice. Squishy.

Amyrah Bhabhi: Squishy indeed. @Kay Bhai, Why do you look so....malnourished? 😂

Kay Bhai: Bold of you to assume that I didn't eat then. I was just stressed okay.

Karmaan: Why do I look like I would die out anytime soon?

Safwah: *Replying to Karmaan. Do you know how much you cried that day?

Karmaan: Why? Because Kay Bhai was graduating? 😏🤗

Kulthum: Hahhaa. Good joke. You did not let any one of us touch you. You were wailing, Karmaan.

Karmaan: In my defence, I was like... what? 5?

Kay Bhai: You were 5, almost 6 brother. Don't worry. Your graduation pictures are pretty awesome.

Sahl: I thought that picture was destroyed. What is it still doing with you?

Yazdan: I see. I also thought that. Why is it still there?

Kulthum: Mom had it. She sent it over. It should have been on the family group!

Karmaan: NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Don't. Please. I beg you.

Kulthum: 😏

Safwah: If this appears anywhere, I don't know you guys.

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