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Chapter 41: Eid Gathering. 


"Maybe I love you. 

Maybe You love me. 

Maybe This is meant to be.





The siblings waited for Qaidah, Grandmother Zaeef and Zaiha to make a grand entrance. Of course the older ladies of the Zaeef household had a habit of grand entrance. Typical. 

"Mom?" Amyrah asked her, tilting her head. Qaidah smiled at her.

"We are staying until this weekend before leaving. How does that sound?" questioned Qaidah and the siblings perked up. All except Karmaan. Yes!!! 

"I have school mom" he said, looking at his mother with an incredulous expression. His siblings rolled their eyes at his answer. 

"I can email the Dean and ask for official leave" his father told him, coming into the view. Grandfather Zaeef followed them out and walked towards the buffet table. Grandmother Zaeef walked behind him as the two of them picked up food to fill one plate.

"Ah. Umm why?" Karmaan asked and Yazdan rolled his eyes before walking over to stand beside his youngest brother. He leaned onto his shoulder.

"Dude. You get days off. Take it!" he whispered and Karmaan let out a small laugh.

"Bhaiyu. I have school and if she is holding me back for some family function I do not want to be part of, I am out" he whispered back and Yazdan hit the back of his head. Stupid fellow.

"That, we will discuss tonight. For now, Nahal and Aanabia, meet the grandparent Zaeef" Qaidah said, walking over to the two girls. Grandmother Zaeef immediately pulled Aanabia in a hug.

"Eid Mubarak darling. I did not see you two from there. These towering boys I tell you" she jested and the girls smiled at her. Grandfather Zaeef smiled at the two before fishing out change from his pocket and handing it to the girls with a laugh.

"Sorry girls. The boys were earlier so they emptied my pockets"

"It is alright. We got our share from them" grinned Nahal and Grandfather Zaeef patted their heads before walking away to take seat. Yazdan watched them with a smile. Thank you Allah. For making her get along with my family. Oh and she does look amazing in a Hijab.

He watched his father pat their heads and walk away to where his grandparents were seated, eating. His mother was with them along with Zaiha.

"Ah we need to head home." Said Nahal, looking at her watch. Aanabia nodded turning to Kulthum and Amyrah. She hugged them both with a smile.

"Come over when you have time. We can do a mini photoshoot" she said and the girls nodded before walking with them to the door. Yazdan turned to his family with a smile.

"I am going to change" he told the boys before walking into the house. Soon enough, the others followed. He entered Yahyah's room to find the said person already changing into a shirt and pants. Yazdan pulled out a navy blue shirt and paired it with the jeans he was already wearing. He changed and threw the thobe he had worn, into the hamper. His brothers had already changed by the time he exited the bathroom.

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