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Chapter 46: Brother's advise. 


"Understand dearest, 

Just because I married you. 

Doesn't mean you own me.

I am my person. 

I own myself."



The mosque was full of people that day. Most of them were there to see just who, Aanabia Sadaf was marrying while others were there for food and gossip. Zamaairah stood in between Kulthum and Amyrah, smiling at the people passing by. Aanabia stood beside Qaidah who was proudly showing her off. Zama then hugged the two before excusing herself to leave. Qaidah pulled her back by her ears with a smile.

"Promise me, you will come to dinner with us tonight" she said and Zama let out a wide smile.

"In Sha Allah" she told her and Qaidah nodded. Zama congratulated Aanabia before giving a hug to grandmother Zaeef and walking out of the crowded place. Whispers of how the tomboy Aanabia is getting married in such a well off family spread around her like wild fire. So much that she had to avoid snapping at a few people. It is her life, her decisions. What is it to you? She wanted to scream at them but kept quiet. She was new here and she wanted no trouble. She would leave soon anyway.

She walked down the white marble steps to the end and stood in the hot sun. Today was very sunny, she noted silently. Her eyes searched for her shoes, one she forgot where she left at. She finally found the white Adidas sneakers of hers at the very end. Huh. Clutching her phone in her hand and car keys in the second finger from the thumb of the same hand, she walked towards her shoes. The cement was hot and it threatened to burn the soles of her feet. She walked past the mass of kids playing, a few women chatting and a whole lot of scattered shoes.

She placed her right feet in and balanced herself on one foot, while wearing the other. She stared down at the untied laces with a sigh. Who untied them? Huffing a breath, she began walking towards her car, the old Toyota Rav4. She unlocked it and opened the doors to get it. That was when she realized there was another car blocking her way. Great. Her shoes were untied and now there was a car blocking hers.

"I see you still don't know how to tie your shoe laces" she turned around with a small laugh to see Safwah Zaeef smiling at her.

"Unfortunately I didn't" she replied, looking down at her white shoes. Safwah shook his head at the sass of the young lady before he got down on his knees. Zama's eyes widened a fraction.

"Safwah, you know you don't have to-"she started but he had already picked up the loose laces. She tried to pull back her feet but to no avail.

"Stop fidgeting Maira, you will only hurt yourself" he told her and she let out a small smile at the old nickname.

"Safaa" she teased him and he laughed, tying the knots of one shoe before moving to the other shoe.

"How come you never learnt?" he asked her and she shrugged.

"No time. No one to teach"

"That is exactly why we have internet"


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