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Chapter 35: A Letter and A Rose.


"It felt like eternity.

When it were a few days.

Oh Allah, grant me Sabr,

To wait for his return

for You know,

that my heart needs it the most"



Thursday morning, Yazdan was discharged. He was heading home. Australia home. Their flight was at 1pm via the Zaeef Jet and Yahyah was leaving with them. This was because Yahyah had work in Adelaide, where he resided before shifting to Middleton to his mother. Of course, Yahyah Rashad would do anything to escape Middleton.

"You alright?" Yazdan asked Yahyah as the two set in the jet which was ready for takeoff.

"Yeah" he replied and plugged in his headphones into his ears. Yazdan looked at him briefly before turning to his phone. He had told Yahyah about his talk with Aanabia the night before and Yahyah was happy for him. But Yazdan knew something was bothering his best friend. Let him be. When the time is right, he would speak.

He plugged in his own headphones before closing his eyes and going into a slumber.


Aanabia stared at the closed letter in front of her. It was a blue envelope with a single rose attached to it. Her name was written in a beautiful calibri on the front of it. She had opened it to reveal a blue and white paper. She had read it and re read it at least a hundred times. He was gone. He left for Australia.

'Dear Aanabia.

I am sorry I have to leave like this but I guess this was evident. Mom and dad would never leave me there alone nor would Kayan bhai.

Thank you so much for these roses.

Thank you so much for your prayers, you could say Alhamdulillah because they worked and I am absolutely fine.

I am sorry if I took you off guard yesterday.


Thank you for accepting me as me.

I shall see you when I do.

Till then,

Take care.

Pray on time.

Stay healthy? I am not sure how to end a letter. Google did not provide me that. Sorry.

But. Yeah. Bye. Allah Hafiz.

-Yazdan Zaeef.' She saw a small heart being crossed out after Allah Hafiz and scribbled upon. She let out a small laugh. She would miss him.

She set on the balcony window and stared at the house next door. It felt empty and somehow that brought sadness to her soul. I need to write. And with that, she set there and began writing in her journal.

'Is this love?

I would not know.

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