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Chapter 18: Small things matter. 


"You got me

I breathe while looking at you

I got you

Inside those pitch black nights"

-BTS - 소우주 (Mikrokosmos)-


Aanabia felt uncomfortable over the idea of watching a movie with Zaiha and her family. Particularly, because Yazdan happened to be her son. Of course, Zaiha knew that she liked him and it was her great pleasure and appreciation that she trust her enough to let her be around her son.

But the idea of actually watching a movie with them was something she knew she could not conjure the courage to do. So she opted out. Even if she said yes to Zaiha, she decided she didn't want to go anyway.

Facing Yazdan is not something I am up for today. Maybe some other day. 

"What? Why not? It is Main Hoon Nah! SRK! You never miss Main Hoon Nah!" exclaimed Nahal and Aanabia let out a frustrated sigh.

"Go, Nahal. I am fine alone. I need sleep anyway"

"Get changed. You are coming with me" she said and Aanabia glared at her before walking back into her room. She slammed the door shut and set on her bed. She was still dressed in her kurti and she desperately wanted to change into sweats and tees. So she did. She showered and wore gray sweats and a white t-shirt that was twice her size and landed just above her knees. She wore her woolen socks and jumped onto her bed, pulling her phone out of the charger in the process.

"AAPA!" she heard Nahal, but plugged in her headphones and began reading anyway. The soft music of Halsey flowed through her ears and she let out a satisfied sigh. She began reading Orsini Bride from where she left it.

"AAPA!" Her headphone was pulled out of her ear and she glared at her sister. Nahal looked fuming. She set up on her bed.

"What is it?"

"I have been calling you for the past five minutes and you gave no response" said Nahal and Aanabia rolled her eyes. It was not five minutes!

"What is it?"

"Why aren't you ready? We leave now" she said and Aanabia rolled her eyes. Take the hint, my girl. 

"I am sleepy. Bye" she lay on her bed and pulled over the covers. She waited for Nahal to walk out of her room so that she could go back to reading. 

"Why are you doing this?" whispered Nahal and Aanabia felt her heart clench. I hurt her.

"I am calling Aunt to let her know we can't make it. Allah Hafiz, Aapa" before Aanabia could tell her to just go by herself, Nahal was out of the room. She realized Nahal also had switched off the light.

She heaved a sigh and closed her eyes. Please let tomorrow be good, Allah.


"As salaam alaikum" Ruqayyah hugged the life out of Aanabia who simply let her. The two met at Aanabia's favorite coffee shop, Michelle's. It was where she met Yazdan a few times.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam!" grinned Aanabia. The two walked into the coffee shop, followed by Ruqayyah's bodyguard, Max.

"Max, we are right here. Do leave us alone" she told the bodyguard who shook his head.

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