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Chapter 2: Middleton High School. 


"If you could please

Let me love you,

Just once I ask

To show you, 

How beautiful you are"



Yazdan walked out of the office that read CAO and walked around the place, simply seeing the architecture designs of it. He was right about one thing, space management of whoever did this building was not that good.

His phone rang and he picked it up, without checking the caller ID. Only his family and Yahyah's family called him up personally. And his secretary. No one else.

"As salaam alaikum bhaiyu" A smile made its way on his lips when he heard the voice of his youngest sibling.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam, Karmaan. How are you?" he asked him and his brother let out a small laugh.

"I am good, Alhamdullilah. Stressed but doing good. You?"

"I am in Middleton, Manchester" he replied and silence fell to the other side.

"Work again?" his brother asked after a while. Yazdan smiled at his somber tone.

"Yahyah moved here a while ago, remember?" he said, walking over to the painting that hung over the walls.

"Oh. So you are with them. That is nice. Do tell Aunt Zaiha, I send my love, salaam and lots of regards" he said and Yazdan nodded, not realizing that his brother cannot see him.

"I will do-" he said, looking at the side of the painting. He recognised it. It was from one of the collections of Emethyst, an local artist with amazing talent in Australia.

"You listening brother?" Karmaan's voice cut him short of his trance.

"Yeah. You were saying?"

"I had dinner with Umair's family yesterday. They were asking about you"

"Ah which reminds me, how is your second year going?" Yazdan asked his brother. Karmaan chuckled on the other line.

"It is going good. As I said, stressful but good. Who knew engineering was so tough" he replied. Yazdan traced his fingers over the painting. It was beautiful and vibrant.

"Your choice baby brother. Make me proud. I will visit you as soon as I can, okay?"

"Yeah since you are in the same country"

"Yes. Will you be going home for Ramadhan this year?"

"I doubt it Bhaiyu. Last year I got lucky to have my break during that time. This year, I am not so sure"

"Alright then"

"Give my salaam to all. And do make sure to take care Bhaiyu. Do not over work" he said and Yazdan rolled his eyes.

"Stop being a mother hen"

"I am not! I am stating facts here. Enjoy brother" laughed Karmaan and Yazdan smiled slightly.

"Thank you. You do that too. Don't forget to study. Good luck with your exams."

"Jazak Allah Khair, Bhaiyu. I will. Call up mom though. She must be worried sick"

"I will, In sha Allah. Now go, Allah Hafiz" Yazdan said, causing his younger brother to laugh.

"Allah Hafiz Bhaiyu" Yazdan hung up and checked the time. 3:17pm. Yahyah was taking longer than expected. He said this was a 10 minute meeting. He shrugged and tapped in a message for his best friend while walking to the elevators. He got in and pressed one before leaning onto the metal walls of it. He shoved his phone back in his jeans and wore his Nike cardigan.

The rain had subsided a little more. The pavement was wet and there were less people around the place. His phone buzzed with a reply from Yahyah.

'Can you take my car and pick up Zul from school? He is finishing at 3:20pm. I am running a little late. The keys are with the valet. Thanks!' he frowned and shook his head. This was Yahyah anyway. Just then, the said valet walked over to him, it was the same one who had brought the clothes from the car. He handed Yazdan the keys with a smile before walking away. Yazdan walked towards the parking lot and unlocked the car before getting in and starting the ignition.

"Now where is Middleton High School?" he muttered, typing it on the car GPS.


Middleton high school was very unlike his high school. While his was large and mostly had glass around it, Middleton High was small and was made of mostly concrete. It had the school banner at the top and the logo beneath it. The school was white, golden and silver in color. Mostly white and golden.

Yazdan parked the car at one of the nearest parking spaces and waited for the dismissal. Zulqarnain was Yahyah's younger brother, only brother rather. He was also attending the International Royal Academy (IRA) in Australia before his family moved. He opted to move with them rather than to move into the dorms.

The bell rung throughout the school, surprising Yazdan. Students walked out of the building in mass, into the rain. Some with umbrellas, others without it. Yazdan noticed their lack of uniform. He knew most schools did not have a uniform so it was not very surprising. Students had managed to vacate the car park in moments. The place felt empty and barren. He checked the time on his watch. 3:45pm.

The rain was no longer pouring down upon them so Yazdan got off the car, locked it and walked around the place. It was tar sealed and the rain made it somewhat slippery. He walked up to the veranda of the building. It had posters and banners all over the wall. He looked it over and found the sign for the main office.

The main office was a large room with Air Condition and tinted windows. Yazdan knocked and entered it. The lady sitting behind the counter looked up at him from her half moon spectacles that made her look nothing like Albus Dumbledore, Yazdan noted.

"Good afternoon sir. How may I help you?" she asked.

"Afternoon. May I know where I would find Zulqarnain Rashad?" he questioned her and she raised an eyebrow.

"And you are?"

Yazdan thought for a moment.

"His older brother"

"Name please?"

He eyed the woman as if she were a blastic creature from another universe.

"Yazdan. Yazdan Zaeef"

Silence pursued the room soon after.

What the hell is Yazdan Zaeef doing in Middleton High School? 


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