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Chapter 51: Home. 


"She was beautiful. 



Everything I was not. 

Everything I wanted in my life. 

She completed me."



It has been a week since the dinner at Sadaf Residence. Yahyah was back in Australia, working. Yazdan and Aanabia made it their responsibility to make sure he ate and was well. He had somehow managed to get back to the old routine of working under trucks and cars, rather than office. He was happy but he terribly missed Nahal.

Yazdan on the other hand, could not be any happier. Aanabia was better at being a wife than she had originally thought. She cooked for two, before it turned to 3 when Yahyah came. Sometimes Yahyah or Yazdan helped her out. She made friends with the people next door. There was a little girl who lived next to their house, Adaku. Her mother was a single parent who was an African Australian. Umanah was a bright and strong woman, to have supported her 4 year old daughter through it all. Adaku was the only child in their lot and thus, everyone loved her. Aanabia had met almost everyone in her community. She even volunteered at the kids program in the afternoons. That was all in the first few weeks or so she had been here. And so far, she was loving it.

"I love this place" Yazdan smiled at her from the large truck he was leaning on.

"Of course you do. Welcome to Yahyah's barn" Yazdan told her and Aanabia raised an eyebrow. She was standing in a large barn, that had high ceilings, haystack at the very back and a few trucks parked around. Faint scents of gasoline, oil and grease (semisolid lubricant usually used to reduce friction in vehicles) lingered in the air.

"Be careful not to step on the oil, it won't come off the shoes easily" Yazdan told her and Aanabia nodded, taking careful steps. The barn had large windows at the top and strong pipes running across. There were a few chain links hanging from the said pipes.

"What are those for?" she questioned, pointing at them.

"Block and tackle" Aanabia jumped two feet away from the car she stood by. Yazdan let out a laugh, as he pulled Aanabia to him.


"Yahyah" Yazdan told her and she frowned.

On cue, Yahyah emerged from beneath the 10 wheeler Hino truck on a skate board, his hands and overall laden with black oil, with a few spreads over his face.

"As salaam" he said, smiling brightly at the duo. He stood up and dusted the dark blue overalls before turning to the truck.

"Was salaam. Sorry to interrupt your work" Aanabia replied while Yazdan rolled his eyes.

"It is fine, Aanabia. I was finishing up anyway" Yahyah replied, getting onto the truck. Yazdan pulled Aanabia towards the side and she glanced at him questioningly. He nodded at her to wait. The two watched as Yahyah started the truck. When it did start, it let out puff's of black smoke. Yahyah reeved the engine a few times, until the smoke turned white and grinned. He switched the gears and pulled out the truck from the barn into the large yard. He drove it until the main gates of the yard before driving back. Yazdan and Aanabia stood by the barns, watching him.

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