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Chapter 36: The 'Talk'.


Something that elicited

a dread within me.

Until I met him.

When I realized,


It is worth it?"



The Kayrah house in Melbourne was filled with joyous laughter and chatter. Qaidah wanted to leave but Amyrah had her ways to stopping her mother-in-law from leaving.

Now, they set in the large living room, simply enjoying some quality time with their oldest son's family. With Yazdan included. The poor boy set there, watching them chatter with happiness. Oh how I miss her.

"I have decided!" Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Everyone turned their heads to the queen of the house, Qaidah Zaeef, who looked radiant with happiness.

"Decided what?" questioned Aahil, her husband.

Everyone's keen ears were on her.

"It's time Yazdan also gets married" See! Bad feeling!

And all eyes turned to Yazdan. The poor fellow squirmed in his seat. He knew his mother was right but somewhere in his heart, he knew he would not marry anytime soon. Not until she says yes. The oldest, Kayan, cheered holding up the glass of what seemed like milk, up. The little boy in his arms let out a whine. Kayan quickly placed the glass back infront of him and he smiled.

"Kayan, I think he has had enough" stated his wife and Kayan nodded, putting the glass away and then holding up the baby boy up so that he could stand up.

"Where is Kashaf?" questioned Qaidah and Amyrah turned to answer her.

"He's sleeping ma." she replied, rubbing her forehead. Qaidah smiled at her daughter-in-law. She knew that Amyrah was still young and experiencing many things at once and that it was all too new to her. She was proud that Amyrah and Kayan were able to handle business as well as family together and that their oldest son, Mohammed Kashaaf Zaeef who was two years old and the second son, Mohammed Kayvaan Zaeef, who was around 7 months old, were both given parental care and love like she hoped they would. Adding onto the fact that the two were the only kids in the family, they were pampered.

"Alright then, put Kash to sleep then we will discuss"


Yazdan set there, in the middle of conversations that would either ruin his life or make it better. He also knew that if he was to be betrothed to someone else, a certain human would create world war III. Something that he did not want. He was sure she would storm into the Zaeef empire and DEMAND that they hear her out.

And the more he thought about marriage and children and family, the more he became anxious about the whole ordeal. He understood what it meant. Marriage did not simply mean getting married to a girl and having children and satisfying your desires with her. No. It meant a lifetime commitment, a long promised love and affection, sharing his whole world with her and she would be a part of him forever, and he prayed that he was granted a good spouse.

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