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Chapter 1: Clap and Slap. 


"I have been blessed, 

I thank the lord each day, 

For entwining your fate with mine, 

For I could have never

Asked for a better best friend"



"The rain is pretty nice, huh?"

Yazdan turned to his bestfriend with a frown. They were at a small cafe, at the middle of the town, ironically known as Middleton. The rain was pelting down on the large glass windows and the plants were shivering from it. The smell of fresh donuts and coffee wafted in the air, causing a small stir in his stomach. He was hungry.

"Where is my food?"

Yahyah Rashad eyed him with astonishment.

"We were talking about the rain!" he said and his best friend rolled his eyes, pushing a few strays of hair out of his gray eyes.

"Correction. You were"


"I am hungry, Yaha. I am not joking" said Yazdan with a serious face. His features were much like the other brothers of the Zaeef clan, tanned, smooth jaw and a perfect set of lips. Their eyes were all the same, gray.

"It will be here soon"

"Your order, sirs" Yahyah nodded at the teen waiter and gave him the bills before pushing the donuts and lime juice tray to his best friend. Yazdan eyed it and looked up to Yahyah who was already munching down chocolate donuts.

"You know I can't take sweets, right?" he asked and Yahyah nodded, slowing chewing his food.

"Then why does my donut have chocolate, oreo and strawberry topping? On each? At once?" asked Yazdan, eyeing the donuts with dismay. Who would mix the three things on one donut?!

"I am so sorry sir. I think I gave you the wrong order" said the boy waiter, walking over towards them. He smiled sheepishly. Yazdan rolled his eyes and held up his plate of donuts.

"Take this, he has already eaten half the donuts. May I have glazed donuts please?" said Yazdan and the waiter nodded before walking away.

Yahyah rolled his eyes, stuffing his mouth with a piece of donut.

"So why did you move here again?" asked Yazdan, leaning onto the table.

"Mom got transferred. You know her job is important to her. And after abba, I guess it was for the best" he replied, sipping on his lemonade. "Also, my business here needed my attention so it was not much of a big deal"

Yazdan nodded at him, sipping on his orange juice. It was refreshing. The waiter returned with his plain glazed donuts and apologized furiously again. Yazdan did not show any expressions at all causing Yahyah to tell the waiter that it was fine.

"Can we stop by at the office? I need to check up on the design team before we head home" said Yahyah, sipping on his lemonade. Yazdan shrugged again, chewing on his food. Before Yahyah could sassily reply back, his phone rang. He pulled his phone out of his slacks pocket before answering it.

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