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Chapter 6: Saturday. 


"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?" 

-Ernest Hemingway-


The sun rays seeped past the large windows and hit the bed where Aanabia was cuddled to a large pillow with a fluffy blanket over her body. She let out a small whine because of the sun but turned the other way and fell asleep soon after. The alarm clock on the bed side desk blared, the tunes of Maroon 5 ringing through the house. She let out another whine before hitting the snooze button on it and turning to sleep on the other side.

"IT IS 11AM! GET UP!" she let out another hefty whine before sitting up groggily. She knew her mother was better off downstairs and not in her room with a rolling pin.

"It is a Saturday mom!" she heard Nahal whine and let out a small laugh. Saturday.

"Aanabia!!" she groaned out loud and stretched like a cat before getting off the bed while scratching her hair and soothing her scalps. Her lips felt dry and she realized she just might be dehydrated. Groggily, she walked to her shower and stripped for a morning bath.

An hour later, she was dressed in comfy sweats and tees with her hair in a bun. Nahal was seated beside her at the breakfast table, with dark eye bags and a frown. She had a messy hair bun which looked like she had been tugging the life out of it and wore tees and sweats too. Their mother was already dressed in her suit, ready for work.

"Nahal, go sleep please" muttered Hifzah, mixing her cup of tea.

"I am fine, just tired"

Aanabia smirked. She knew why her sister was tired.

"Mama, you have a case today?" asked Aanabia and Hifzah shook her head.

"I have something to work on today. The case I took, for a family." she replied and the girls nodded. Hifzah finished her tea and smiled at the girls.

"The house is clean, Aanabia vacuum the place please. It is raining so do not go outside unnecessarily and Nahal, sleep. Make sure to do the dishes and if you girls go out, at least message and let me know, okay?" she said, getting up and putting her dishes in the sink. The dining hall was right across from the kitchen so it was easier for them to talk. Hifzah took her handbag and car keys before placing a kiss on each of their heads and walking out. The girls waved her and went back to breakfast.

"So why didn't you sleep last night?" asked Aanabia, plopping a piece of orange in her mouth.

"I don't know. I was too scared I guess"

"Scared of what exactly?"

"Getting fired. He looked so determined to fire me!"

"He? Who?" Nahal realized that Aanabia did not know that Yahyah was her boss and the guy who slapped her. Of course, she had forgotten to mention it in the heat of avoiding him yesterday.

"Yahyah. Yahyah is the CEO I told you about. I slapped him" said Nahal and Aanabia went silent, not even chewing on the food in her mouth.


"Yes. And Yazdan was there. The two know me"


"Don't Ah me, Aapa. I am freaking out. I have worked hard to get to this place" said Nahal, almost tearing up. Aanabia let out a small smile before patting her head.

"There there, little one. It will be fine"

"You are so bad at consoling people" Nahal muttered and Aanabia laughed. She looked out of the large windows of the dining hall to see rain pouring down upon it furiously. A smile formed on her lips and she stood up.

"I have tutorial sessions with the students today, so I suggest you quit whining and start working" said Aanabia, before picking up her dishes and walking to the kitchen. Nahal followed her and cleared up the table. Aanabia left the dishes to her before walking to the Laundry room and fetching the vacuum to clean the living and dining rooms. They were a little dusty.

Several hours later, Aanabia stood in front of the small, battered building at the end of Middleton town. She heaved a deep sigh and walked into it, closing the door behind her. She placed her wet umbrella at the stand and waved at the guard by the door before walking up the large stairs. The glass windows read 'Open'. Pushing the door, she walked into the silent room filled with large shelves of never ending books. The scent of old books mixed with pine trees gave her a nostalgic feeling of home.

"Good morning, dearie" Aanabia's head turned to the side, where a counter stood reading 'Reception' with an old lady smiling brightly at her.

"Good Morning, Aunt Rosie. How are you?" asked Aanabia, walking over to her. Rosie's smile did not falter when she answered the girl.

"I have new books" she said and Aanabia's expression changed to delight.

"You want me to help you with the set up?" she asked and Rosie shook her head, before bending down behind the counter and retreating back with a book in her hand. She handed it to Aanabia and smiled.

"Read this. I took it out as soon as I saw it. You will love it"

Aanabia took the book from her hand and read the title. Prince Caspian. She let her fingers graze the title with care. It was the third book in the Prince Series by Yuta. She had read the previous two which were Prince Edver and Prince Triton, both of which belonged to this library. She smiled up at Rosie before thanking her and walking away.

Her students, namely Katelyn Florence and Abigail Knight were seated by the back of the library with books open infront of them and headphones in their ears. Kate was a girl of no older than 17 years, much like Aby. Aby had black straight hair and a pale skin while Kate had a blonde curly hair with a tanned skin.

"Good morning, girls" the two looked up and smiled at their favorite teacher.

"Good morning, Miss. Sadaf" they whispered as Aanabia took her seat adjacent to them. She placed Prince Caspian face down on the table and took out her notepad and pen. Clapping her hands slightly, she caught the attention of the girls.

"Alright then. Where did we leave last week?"

"You left us to do a write up about the themes of Pride and Prejudice" said Aby, placing her pen on the table. Aanabia nodded.

"Hand over then" she said and the girls looked at each other and back at Aanabia.

"What is it?"

"We did it. But we are not sure if it is good enough" Aanabia smiled softly at them.

"Which is why I am here. Hand it over" she said and the girls handed over their papers. Aanabia nodded at them before putting it away.

"Alright. Today, I want you to forget the reading part, focus on the language. You have notes on linguistic features, am I right?" she asked them and the girls nodded. "Revise them. I will be back with the language books"

Aanabia stood up and walked over to the Language and Literature section of the library and sorted through the books, looking for English, the Basics. It was a handy English Language guide. She hummed a tune of an old song she heard recently, the same one she could not figure out the name of. Finally she found it and pulled out two books, only to see familiar gray eyes staring at her. 


The quote attached above is my life as a quote. Seriously though. haha. 

As salaam Alaikum beautiful humans. :) 

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