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Chapter 49: Adelaide. 


"He whispered, 

I love you. 

In so many ways, 

that none understood. 






The following morning, Aanabia woke up almost crushed to the core by Yazdan's heavy body over her. She did not know he had a habit of cuddling things, that too to death. Which happened to be exactly what he was doing to her. She heaved a strangulated breath and pushed him off her, before sitting up. While doing so, she swore she felt every part of her body cry in pain. She glanced over to see the giant sleeping soundly beside her, his dark mess of a hair covering his eyes and his toned arms hidden under the white pillows. Smiling to herself, she placed a kiss on his forehead before picking up her phone. Messaging him to let her sleep in today (because she was too tired to look for a note and pen), she fell back asleep.

Yazdan woke up around 10am. He immediately turned to see if Aanabia was alright. This was because his brothers and Yahyah have always told him that he cuddled things a lot (be it pillows, humans or clothes, he just needs something to hold to sleep) when sleeping and would often sleep atop it, while cuddling. So he had to make sure he did not accidentally kill his wife while sleeping. When he saw she was soundly asleep, he smiled and got off the bed. Taking his phone with him, he walked into the bathroom to brush and shower. Do not wake me up please. Need sleep. He read her message aloud before laughing and checking other messages while brushing. Multitask at its epitome.

By the time he was done, he was starving. So he called in room service for food and soon enough, he had his appetite satisfied, while waiting for his woman to wake up. But he knew she would sleep the day in because of how tired she was. He let her sleep while he worked and answered emails and messages that he had been ignoring all this while.

The day passed as such and Sunday went uneventful and before the two knew it, they were on flight to Australia. Yazdan and Aanabia were heading to Adelaide, straight away while the other Zaeef's headed to their own destinations. The two knew they had a wedding to prepare for but for now, they decided to let it be.


Two days at the hotel and a day flight to Australia tired Yazdan to no ends. And being home, with nothing but his wife was something he looked forward to very much. She would finally see his humble abode. But will she like it? 

Yazdan's house was located in a small town called Sawarah, an hour away from Adelaide city. The town was famous for its pine trees and sandalwood. It was surrounded by forests of the said trees and the people preserved it for good. The town's mayor, Mr. Smith always advocated on climate change and Sawarah was one of the towns which took Climate Change very seriously, especially with all the bush fires coming up. Yazdan was working on the greenhouse project with them, the one he had to postpone for his marriage. Now when he is back, he has to finish it before anything else. 

The whole ride to Yazdan's place, Aanabia kept her gaze outside. This place was refreshing to her and she loved it. It felt like a fairytale.

Yazdan's house was a wooden two storey house with a large front and backyard which housed lots of plants and was right infront of the woods. Yazdan parked the car at the garage and turned to Aanabia with a smile.

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