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Chapter 4: Beautiful Human.


"As beautiful as simplicity is, it can become a tradition that stands in the way of exploration."

 | Laura Nyro |


Aanabia was excited the entire afternoon. She had seen the most beautiful human today and he was just so praiseworthy and handsome and beautiful that Aanabia could not forget him, even for a second. She could not get his gray eyes out of her mind. He was tall, about 6 foot something, was tanned and he had long hair that was tied in a bun. Above all, he had amazing beard that was neatly cut. She couldn't wait to tell Nahal. She had reached home by 5pm and as soon as she entered, her mother bestowed her with the news of their neighbors coming over for dinner. The two sisters had to help their mother with the preparation, even if it was just with the desserts.

Nahal Sadaf looked very much like their mother, bright onyx eyes and dark chocolate brown hair. The similar cheekbone and dimpled smile. She was tall and thin like the mother.

Aanabia on the other hand, was taller than the two women with a lean build. She had dark brown hair and similar onyx eyes with hints of golden in them. Her mother usually told her it was like that of a wolf. She did not have a two dimpled smile, rather one and that was on her right cheek. She loved the flaw though.

"I saw the most handsome creature today" gushed Aanabia, when the two finally got time after Magrib in the study. She was reading while Nahal was drawing. Nahal looked up from her drawing to Aanabia. Her sister always saw beautiful creatures around her, mostly in drama's.

"So who is it this time?" she asked, raising an eyebrow and leaning forward. The dim lights made it easier for Nahal to focus on her older sister.

"Yazdan. He happened to be the brother of one of my students. Well, not exactly my student since he is a sophomore student and I don't teach Sophomore. He just needed help." explained Aanabia dreamily. The guy was beautiful. She snapped out of her trance and grinned at her sister.

"He was so beautiful that it reminded me of poetry" she winked and Nahal let out a small laugh. At least he was real, thought Nahal.


"Yes! Poetry. Oh Nahal, I swear I have never laid eyes upon such beauty before" 

"Okay now, I don't want to hear it. But how did he look?"

"He had gray eyes"

"Marry him"

Aanabia stared at her little sister in astonishment before the two burst out laughing. Nahal sobered up and upon seeing it, Aanabia did too.

"So how was your day?" asked Aanabia and Nahal frowned. She pulled the stray strands of her hair and let it go, watching it twirl back and forth infront of her face.

"Everything was fine in the morning. I prepared for my 3pm meeting with the CEO over the new project that we are taking. So I went to the coffee shop to get myself coffee before heading to the meeting. I was running late already and you know I cannot do without coffee" Nahal began the re-telling of the afternoon incidents. "So I was running to the elevators before it closed and bumped into this tall person and all the coffee spilled over him. I wasn't at fault, he should have seen me coming. I didn't apologize and you know the stress that I take for every little thing. I was stressed over the meeting with the CEO and I just..... yelled at him and walked away"

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