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Chapter 17: "Potential wife"


"It shows, 

Just by the memories 


the expressions; 

that maybe 

this is 




The night ended on a good note. The food was amazing and the people were even better. Yahyah and Yazdan met a whole bunch of new people around their age while Zaiha socialized more with women around her. She realized she liked quite a few of their company and just might want to hang out again.

Aanabia hardly ate, she felt full. Nahal saw this but did not comment. She knew something was up with her sister. Ruqayyah managed to stay out of the limelight, much to her happiness.

"I will see you tomorrow then" she hugged Aanabia who smiled gratefully at her. Ruqayyah turned the gesture by squeezing her hands lightly.

"It will be fine"

"Tomorrow?" the two turned to see the towering Iqraam Ibrahim, standing with a confused face.

"Yes tomorrow. I have a lunch date with Aanabia" said Ruqayyah and Iqraam was clearly surprised by that. His wife never went out with anyone unless they were family.

"That must be nice. I would drop you wherever you wish to go" he said, placing a hand on her waist. Ruqayyah smiled at him, knowing that others cannot see it.

"Alright then. Allah hafiz" said Aanabia, smiling at them before walking away. She walked towards the Sai where her sister stood, talking to Yahyah. She was surprised to see her talk to him outside of office. Yahyah noticed her and smiled at her.

"Hey" Aanabia nodded at him with a small smile. She was tired.

"Over-thinking got you tired?" remarked Nahal and Aanabia rolled her eyes.

Over-thinking is a very bad flaw of mine. No need to tell me that. Jeez.

"Can we head home now?" she asked and Nahal shook her head before motioning to Yahyah.

"Zaiha aunt is somewhere talking to someone while Yazdan is with her. We can wait for them?" Nahal made it sound like a question and Aanabia nodded anyway. She took the keys from Nahal and unlocked the car before placing her heels inside and standing on the cold pavement barefoot. She stared at her feet as she shut the car door.

Unhygienic Aanabia. Who really cares anyway? I guess.

She leaned onto the passenger side door and powered on her phone. She scrolled through her Instagram feed, smiling slightly at the memes that showed up. She did it for a while before she got fed up and switched it off. She decided to watch people.

Huh, that must be interesting. I should be reading right now. Not standing here, doing nothing!

Her eyes scanned the place until it landed onto three people, or more specifically Saher with Zaiha and.... Yazdan. She is talking to Yazdan. Why?

She watched as Yazdan let out a small laugh and smiled throughout the conversation. Zaiha was also happy and Saher seemed to be having the time of her life.

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