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Chapter 39: Eid.


"'What is more disheartening?

Being in love with someone taken


Being in love with someone 

who has no chances 

of loving you back?' 

He asked."



The final week of Ramadhan was here and Aanabia grew excited for Eid. She always was. She was on leave from work this week to prepare for Eid itself. And as usual, the preparation were almost done. Of course there were a few sweets left, but she agreed with Nahal that they would do it the night before Eid.

"We are sighting the moon today!" yelled Nahal, running outside the house with a choc ball in her hand. Aanabia rolled her eyes at her sister before turning to the work at hand. She was clearing out the gardens and setting up the tables. The weather was beginning to clear out and the forecast said no rain for at least a few days so Hifzah suggested they set up the tables and chairs outside. Aanabia suggested otherwise since this is Manchester and weather here is never predictable but Hifzah said they do both.

"Can I help?" Nahal questioned, sitting on the freshly cut grass cross-legged. She munched onto her choc balls and grinned at Aanabia. Ah perks of periods in Ramadhan.

"Go away peasant. I got this" she muttered and Nahal shrugged, taking out her phone. She took pictures of Aanabia and sent it to their mother who was at work.

"Mom said clean the weeds well" laughed Nahal and Aanabia chunked a few at her while laughing before going back to her flower bed. It was the rose bed from which she gave Yazdan flowers. She smiled at the memory as her fingers grazed the rose petals gently.

"HEY GUYS!" the sound of the voice startled her, causing her fingers to slip right into a thorn. Ah snap. She turned to her hand and placed it on the dress she wore. The blood dried off and she let out a sigh. Small cuts. She then turned to the fence to see the twins walking inside.

"As salaam alaikum!" the taller one spoke. Sahl?

"Wa alaikum mus salaam. How come you guys are here?" Aanabia stood up and dusted her hands before walking over to the boys. The two of them grinned at her.

"Oh mom. She wanted to spend Eid here, this year" said Safwah. I hope its Safwah.

"Oh" Aanabia peered over their large shoulders in hopes to see a certain human. Safwah coughed and she stood straight, smiling at him.

"Uh............ is- is Yahyah with you guys?" she figured if she could not ask about Yazdan, might as well ask about Yahyah and inform her sister. Speaking of which, where did the human go?

"Yup! Yahyah Bhai and Yazdan Bhaiyu are at his office. They will be late" said Safwah with a certain hint of teasing in his voice. Aanabia caught on but brushed it off. They do not know anything. Right? RIGHT?

"Ah. I could offer you guys food but I know you must be fasting........" Aanabia said and the boys nodded.

"It is alright! Why don't you come meet our mother and grandmother? They are here" said Safwah, bouncing from one feet to the other. Aanabia watched him with a small smile. He reminds me of Tiger from Winnie The Pooh.

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