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Chapter 7: Question Bank. 


"Howard: I thought you didn't like Facebook any more. 

Sheldon: Don't be silly, I'm a fan of anything that tries to replace actual human contact."

-Big Bang Theory-


Yazdan found the nearest library in town and soon he was headed there. There was no way he was spending a Saturday in the same house as Zul and Zaiha. The two were in a constant battle of who can be the loudest.

"Good morning, dearie. How may I help you?" He was startled by the old woman at the counter. He shook his head and forced a smile at her before walking away quickly. The library smelt of pine trees and old books. He loved books. Anything to increase him in knowledge is a must.

He read the titles of sections as he walked past them. One particular section caught his attention so he walked over to the shelves there. It was the literature section of the library. Yazdan liked literature. It was art and he was a man who knew how to appreciate art. His eyes passed over the spine of books as he read the titles of it. He smiled at the poetic titles and frowned at the confusing ones. Who knew what poets thought?

He was scanning the books when he heard hums. The hums were of an old Hindi song that he recognized immediately. It was a beautiful sound in the eerie silence of the library. He looked up from the books and across the shelf to see Aanabia. There was a dupatta over her head and a few strays of dark hair had managed to escape and fall over her face. He did not realize he was staring until he met her onyx eyes. He watched her face turned into a cheerful one and she began waving frantically.

He ignored her and began scanning the books and when he looked up, she was gone. He was glad that the disaster was gone. After what he saw last night, it was clear to him that this girl was a walking-talking disaster.

"As salaam alaikum" Yazdan almost, almost jumped when she spoke. He thought she was gone. He turned around and faced Aanabia Sadaf with a neutral expression.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam" he replied in a monotone, hoping she would catch on and move away. But she didn't. Instead she continued to talk.

"What brings you here?" she asked him and he heaved a deep sigh.


"You like literature" Yazdan looked at her as if she were crazy. He was standing in a Literature section of a library, browsing through Literature books. It was a statement that Yazdan did not catch. He grabbed a random book and walked over to the corner of the library and took a seat at the table.

Aanabia smiled at him. He was beautiful. His hair was tied in a bun again and he wore a Gray cardigan that said 'Fila' in bold letters paired with dark jeans. She glanced at his shoes and grinned when she saw it were Puma. Much like hers.

Aanabia walked over this desk and took a seat in front of him. He glanced up before going back to his book. She let out a sigh and leaned down on the table, placing her head on her hands. She looked at him with a smile.


"What is it?" he said, looking at her after a while. She grinned him, sitting up straight.

"So you noticed" she stated and he looked at her, burning holes. The look did nothing but amuse Aanabia. She clasped her hands and leaned ahead, smirking at him.

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