HER BLIND HUSBAND ( A Wattpad Featured Story) by amalkhan807
HER BLIND HUSBAND ( A Wattpad Feat...by Amal Khan
Highest ranking #1 *Wattpad featured story* All she wanted was for her name to be written in his destiny :) ******************************** He walked past her without...
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The One In A Million by OwnerOfTajMahal
The One In A Millionby صائمہ‎
Book 1 Of The Wedding Series ;) A stranger you were once. Then, with a gentle look you took my hand. As our lives engaged, you lit my life and I held both your hands. No...
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He Completes Me!! by zeeSiddiqui
He Completes Me!!by zeeSiddiqui
'Mum you can't leave me, how could you?', a gasp escapes her mouth. Her mother was the only one on her side but she too is gone now, she can't do anything it was destiny...
  • friendship
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The CEO's Hijabi by 3aisha995
The CEO's Hijabiby Aisha 🌷
These characters are not perfect please don't judge and it's only a story. Cameron as Toni ( A German model ) Maryam as Habbiba Da Salvia ( Hijabi model) ...
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She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaatby Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
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Married To The Love Of My Life  by nafisatuu
Married To The Love Of My Life by Naf Naf✨
Love story of sultaan and sohana❤️ Trust me, you'll enjoy😉 It's your girl nafisatuu🌹
  • nigeria
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Different Worlds by writer198
Different Worldsby Anonymous
#23 in Spiritual 4/8/17 #36 in Spiritual 31/7/17 #74 in Spiritual 3/6/17 An average girl from a middle class family marries the son of a business tycoon...things are bou...
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Happy To Be His  by fahimachougule
Happy To Be His by ❤Love~fahi❤
||Highest rank in spiritual #1|| Always in the top five Alhumdulillah !!! "Why you did not tell me the truth ?" She asked. "Just listen to me please"...
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Elysian by ayemaaaaaan
Elysianby Aymen.
#3 in Pakistani on 9th July 2018 Jannat, a barely eighteen, timid girl living with her parents. They are not her biological parents though. They are her Taya and Tayi...
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Want to know about Halal Love/Marriage??Have you ever dreamt of getting Married?? Do you like/enjoy going others Wedding? Are you interested in Muslim Marriage stuff?? O...
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Harris J ~ Halal Love  by HarrisDolan
Harris J ~ Halal Love by HarriiisssDolan
"You're not like other girls" "Why do you say that?" "You're different; a good different"
  • fiction
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The Secrets We Keep Hidden by hayatiofparadise
The Secrets We Keep Hiddenby Chocolate and Peace
She was in love with words she'd never spoken, places she'd never explored, people she'd never met, and a world that didn't exist. Yet, she didn't believe the truth he...
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Only His 💗 by ambooahmed
Only His 💗by amber ahmed
She live her dream... He make hIs dream true.. she's innocent ! He arrogant ! He is workerholi ! She enjoy her life ! What will happens when Allah make them together...
  • wattys2018
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BURNING LOVE by YusraIshaq
BURNING LOVEby Yusra Ishaq
The journey of four opposite people but as it's said "OPPSITE ATTRACTS "in the same way thier oppsite too attract making them fall in love. But will these peop...
  • marriage
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Unraveling Fatimah. by Nanah_Muhammad
Unraveling Fatimah.by M!
She is- A puzzle he wished to solve A riddle he vowed to unriddle. A mystery he desired to unravel A tangled source of happiness he swore to unknot. Will their status in...
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Life & Speeds, Dreams & Break  by Dazzled_writer
Life & Speeds, Dreams & Break by An Artist
Zoya Malik stands as the star eligible child to anyone who comes across her. What pronounces everyone's love and respect towards her happens to not only be her excessive...
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HALAL JOKES by Writing_Is_My_Bae
"Wanna date?" "I got a whole box."
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Crush Next Door[Completed Story] by shoo2002
Crush Next Door[Completed Story]by shoo2002
Ever had a crush? Ever been in love? Of course Yes. Read this story and I bet you will adore it(hope so) Imagine you in the place of the heroine and mak...
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His Hijabified Cookie||✔ by Mysterious-Writerrr
His Hijabified Cookie||✔by ♡Fâri'a~Faya♡
Long story short? She threw acid on him and they lived happily ever after. Doesn't sound credible enough ? Well technically, she became his, he called her "Cookie...
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ANOTHER CHANCE by nafisatuu
"Nafisa don't do this to me please. You know I love you. I'll change please, give me another chance" Khalifa knelt down in front of nafisa, begging. "No...
  • affection
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