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Chapter 48: Congratulations!


"The eyes speak, 

when the lips can't."



The hotel restaurant was well lit with people buzzing around and soft music in the background. Yazdan held onto Aanabia's hands as the two navigated through the place, to the second floor which was completely secluded for the Zaeef Reservation.

"They have outdone this time" muttered Yazdan and Aanabia laughed. Of course they have. They are the Zaeef's after all.

"Sure they have"

"Come on" the two walked into the large room to see the Zaeef's calmly waiting for them. Aanabia immediately walked over to greet the grandmother and mother Zaeef while Yazdan walked over to his siblings.

"Where is Zamaairah?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the brothers who shrugged. He knew she would come.

"She should be here soon" replied Kayan, glancing over at his 8 month old child on the baby stroller where he slept calmly.

The conversation drifted off into multiple directions in the room until everyone arrived. Aanabia's family, Yazdan's family, Yahyah's family and Zamaairah finally took their seats and started discussing food. The Zaeef's were a huge fan of food and Korean Drama's, Aanabia found out which was surprising to her. They ordered and Aanabia looked at Yazdan who was fidgeting anxiously. She frowned at him before placing a hand over his.

"Stop" she whispered to him and he blushed slightly. God. This feels like he is having dinner with my family, not the other way around.

Yazdan stopped fidgeting and stood up, turning to her with a small smile. She raised an eyebrow at him. The two were seated beside each other at the large table, housing all the guests. They said guests looked at them with smiles and grins. Some with expectant looks while others with confused one. Amyrah and Kayan grinned at each other before turning to the couple.

Yazdan took a deep breath and smiled at Aanabia who looked at him with a confused smile. What is wrong with this man?

"I knew the moment I saw you, you were bad news" he told her and she opened her mouth to retaliate but he beat her to it. "-Wait. Hear me out" What does he have to say after that? But she nodded nonetheless.

"Bad news for me. But I was wrong. You were everything good and more and I swear by Allah, Aanabia. I will not make you regret your decision to marry me. With that, I pray that we remain together, as one until the very end. Please accept me as I am?" he asked her. By now, he was on one knee with a black velvet box opened in his hands. In it rested a ring, with rose gold band and a black teardrop shaped diamond at the top. Along the shape of the black diamond, rested small white ones, forming a V shape at one side of it and merging with the band.

Aanabia felt her breath hitch. Not because of the beauty of the ring, but the beauty of the man who was on his knees in front of her, asking her to love him forever. And there could be nothing more emotional than this. She slowly nodded at him, smiling slightly and wiping away any stray tears. Yazdan took her left hand from halfway to her face and slipped in the ring on her ring finger. It set beautifully on her finger and she smiled at him before pulling him in a hug. She rested her head on his chest, feeling his heartbeat which was fast. The table erupted into cheers and whistles (Safwah) before Aanabia blushed and let him go. He took a seat beside her, still holding her hand.

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