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Chapter 54: I'll Be Your Man. 


"I pray,

That I remain your man. 

Until the very last day."



Henna ceremony ended on quite a loud note. Literally. Everyone was yelling and laughing loudly as they walked out of Yazdan's place. Yazdan returned home at around 10pm. His siblings opted to stay over at Yahyah's place, including Kayan for lord knows what reason while he was ushered away. His parents and grandparents along with Kulthum, Urwa and Zamaairah were staying over while Hifzah and Nahal were at Yahyah's place which was a lot bigger than his.

As soon as he stepped into the house, Qaidah had told him to catch some sleep for the groom (or the bride for that matter) should look like zombies at their wedding reception.

"As salaam alaikum" he called out to Aanabia who was out in the balcony. When his wife failed to reply, he frowned and walked out of the room to the balcony. He saw her sitting on the black and white bohemian hammock chair, which swayed slightly when the winds rustled past it. He smiled and bent down in front of her, causing her to jump slightly at his intrusion. 

"Are you alright?" he questioned her and she smiled slightly at him before nodding. Yazdan raised an eyebrow and knelt down in front of her. He took her hands in his and grinned up at her before turning the hands in his to see the Henna.

"It's beautiful" he told her, smiling at the bright red henna design at the hands of hers. Since her skin was fair, the colors stood out more.

"It is?" she asked him and he nodded at her, placing a kiss on the palm of her hands. She blushed. He turned the hands and traced the intricate patterns on her hands with the tip of his second finger before placing butterfly kisses on each of the fingers of hers. Aanabia was bright red by the time he was done with all the ten slender fingers of hers. He did that while not breaking eye contact with her the entire time. He then leaned up to her, leveling his face with hers with a grin before leaning towards her shoulders. 

"Remember, no matter what; I will always love you" he whispered in her ears, placing a kiss there causing her eyes to flutter shut upon instinct. He then placed a kiss on her heated cheeks with a small laugh.

"You are only making this hard for both of us Yaza" she whispered back, a little out of breath. Yazdan let out a series of laugh before picking up his bride in his arms. Right where she belongs.


"Yaza no."

"Yaza yes" he told her, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"I will be tired Yaza" she tried to reason her husband who frowned. 

"Fine" he muttered and she let out a laugh and a yelp when she was dumped onto the bed. She frowned up at him who grinned cheekily at her. She knew what was coming.

"Yazdan" she warned him, inching away from him. Yazdan shrugged, stalking towards her like that of a predator to it's prey. Aanabia was cornered and upon instinct she wanted to scream. Yazdan took a leap from his position by the bed onto the bed to shut her mouth with his hands. By now he was right in front of her while Aanabia was leaning onto the wooden headboard of theirs.

"You cannot scream, Aanabia. Mom and dad are here" he told her and she rolled her eyes. He smirked at her. Her eyes widened at his smirk and she licked his hands. To no avail. She had done that before and Yazdan knew that trick of hers very well. His free hands traveled to her sides before he began tickling her. He freed her lips from his hands before using both hands to tickle her. She laughed, trying to push Yazdan away (who did not budge by the way) until she was nothing but a laughing, squirming mess in his arms. Yazdan laughed as he finally stopped tickling her and lay beside her on the bed, both of them panting from too much laughter.

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