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Chapter 22: Easter Carnival.


"Everything seems so insignificant, 

from up here. 

The entire world tuned out, 

and inner peace finally settling in. 

If only we could live at this height forever, 

our world would be beautiful too"



The following morning was beautiful. The sun was out but it was still cold. Yazdan was up by Fajr and after the prayer, he went for a jog. As usual, he met Mr. Chopra from two blocks below, Mr. Gonservice from the same street as Mr. Chopra and Mr. Yun from three blocks down. They were aged people with a mentality of being healthy and fit. Which was good.

"Good morning!" he called out to them and they grinned before waving without stopping. Yazdan laughed and waved back. He finally took a seat by the large pond in the park and watched the sun's rays shimmer around him. It's beautiful. He was wearing his Nike jogger pants and cardigan with runners and his hair was tied in a bun at the back. He felt sweat creep into his hair and it itches. Great, time to wash my messy hair again.

"Fancy seeing you here" he looked up to meet familiar onyx eyes. He smiled unconsciously and she smiled back. Her hair was also tied in a bun and she wore tracks and hoodie too, albeit her hoodie was oversized.

"As salaam alaikum" he said and she replied the salutation. He watched her stuff her hands in the pocket of her hoodie and chuckled.

"Out cold?" he questioned and she nodded, shifting on her feet.

"What are you doing here anyway?" she asked him, walking around near the lake where the sun would directly hit her. Yazdan set on the bench in front of her.

"Jogging. You?"

"Walking. Jogging. Things healthy people should do" she replied and Yazdan let out a small laugh.

"You have a beautiful laugh" Yazdan raised an eyebrow at her and watched as she flushed red.

"I- I am sorry. That- that came out wrong. I mean you do- but- like not in- not in the creepy- I don't make sense, do I?" she asked and Yazdan shook his head, no.


No, not cute. Bad Yazdan. Stop thinking about that.

"Sorry about that. Anyway, how was the dinner yesterday?" she asked him and Yazdan raised an eyebrow. How did she know?

"Ah, I heard commotion outside so I looked out; turns out your place had visitors. I saw it from my bedroom window. I was reading there when they came" she replied, digging the grass with her right leg shoes. Yazdan watched her silently. Nervous, she is nervous. But why?

"Were you the one who sent me the roses?" he asked her, looking up to meet her eyes. He saw her eyes widen once again and smiled.

"Ahh........ yeah? Maybe? It was creepy wasn't it?" she said and Yazdan let out another small laugh.

"Not really. I saw it and thought that it may be for Yahyah or something. But it had my name on it. Did you write that too?" he questioned her and she blushed, nodding anyway.

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