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Chapter 42: Proposal.


"And perhaps


heart craves


what is not 


to be 




Aanabia stared at the mirror in awe. Beautiful. She looked beautiful. She had on a black cotton kurti that reached her ankles with a maroon hijab. She had put on Nivea's strawberry chap-stick that colored her lips, a beautiful hue of red.

"You look amazing, Api" Nahal told her, smiling at her in the mirror.

"Thank you" Aanabia muttered, looking down at her hands. Yes, the answer would; a thousand times be, a yes. But am I ready?

"You will do fine. Relax Api" She smiled up at Nahal before she heard voices downstairs. Nahal smiled at her before rushing to the door and peering out. Aanabia looked back down at her hands which were clenched together on her lap. Nervous.

"They are here. But I only saw Qaidah aunty, Zaiha aunty and Yazdan's grandparents. The boys or the girls are not with them" Nahal told her and she exhaled a deep breath. At least they are not there.

"Come on, let us go meet them"

"Now?" Aanabia questioned and Nahal nodded, standing by the door. Aanabia sighed and stood up before walking to the door with careful steps. Now or never, Aanabia. Do it!

The two girls walked downstairs, with smiles on their faces. Aanabia could literally feel her heart ramming against her rib in her chest. Ya Qalb, Calm down.

"As salaam alaikum"


Yazdan stared at the wall in the living room with a frown.

"Any more staring and you would cast a hole in there" sassed Kayan and Yazdan frowned deeper.

"Why could I not go with them?" at his question, Kayan, Yahyah and Amyrah raised amused eyebrows while Kulthum and the twins began laughing hysterically.

"You are worse than me" muttered Kayan and Yazdan heaved a sigh. He leaned onto the couch and crossed his arms over his chest.

The siblings, Yahyah and Amyrah were seated in the living room of the Rashad House while the elders of the family went to the Sadaf House with the proposal. The siblings were enjoying seeing Yazdan in misery. It was a rare sight to see Yazdan Zaeef so...... flustered. Nervous.

"Ah. Yahyah, you are next" the sentence caused Yahyah to jerk up straight in his seat. Yazdan looked over to his best friend with an apologetic look. Kayan smiled at him, oblivious of the internal battle of Yahyah Rashad.

"Not yet." Or anytime soon. He thought dejectedly. Cheer up Yahyah. Yazdan is getting married.

"Oh well. Get married whenever you want to. Don't rush into it" Kayan advised and Amyrah let out a small laugh at his. He shot his wife a playful look. Yahyah smiled at them. This is what I want. Love. Is it so hard to love me?

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