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Chapter 24: Roses. 


"Is he worth it? 

I asked myself one day. 

Every single moment, 

My heart readily answered"



The carnival went well, according to Yazdan anyway. It was refreshing to be outside again, without rain. He set with the twins at the Rashad Backyard, basking in the afternoon sun. It was barely a bright day though.

"How is work, Sahl?" questioned Yazdan, looking up from the book he was reading. It would be Asr soon so he thought best to read while his brothers lounged around.

"Alhamdulillah good. Just......... boring. I thought I would be on field, but they are keeping me behind in the HQ" he ranted and Safwah laughed at his brother.

"You won't survive on the field anyway" jested his twin and Yazdan eyed the two of them suspiciously.

"Something is going on and you two are not telling me" he stated and the twins exchanged a guilty look. Yazdan caught on and pointed at them with annoyed looks.

"This is what I meant. What is it?" he questioned and Safwah grinned at him before pulling out a red rose from behind his chair. Yazdan eyed them wearily before his eyes widened when he saw a familiar sticky note.

"We found this by the door........." said Safwah and Yazdan rolled his eyes, taking them from him. He looked over the note to see a poem yet again.

'He is beautiful,

They say.

He is stoic,

They hear.

He is all but nothing,

I say'

"What is that supposed to mean?" questioned Safwah out loudly and Yazdan smacked his head. He understood perfectly what she meant. People talk about him, but she knows some are true and others are not and she can very well differentiate.

"Who gives you these?" Sahl wondered out loud. Yazdan looked over to his brother with a small smile.

"I have no idea" You are going to hell, Yazdan.

"Let us find out then" said Safwah and Yazdan immediately said no. The twins looked at him with questioning gazes. Their ability to work in unison, even with expression never failed to intrigue Yazdan. Like now, the two of them were raising their left eyebrows at their brother with slightly tilted lips. The idiots were smirking.

"I meant not now. Leave it. It is just once anyway" You are soooo going to hell, Yazdan Zaeef.

"You sure it is just one? Maybe there are others that we missed" said Safwah looking over to his twin who nodded, with a slight glint in his eyes. Yazdan looked at him and realized his brother might just know more than he lets on.

"Alright. I am going to the mosque for Asr. You two coming?" he said, getting up. The twins nodded and followed the older brother out. 

Yazdan clenched onto the rose as he walked up to his room. Shutting the door gently behind him, he walked over to the bed and set down by it. Pushing the covers up, he pulled out a small black and gray patterned box from underneath the bed. He opened the lid and placed it aside before chuckling lightly at the notes in it. A single rose and a note stuck inside it and he gently placed the second one and the note. Why am I collecting it? He didn't know the answer. And yet, something in him told him to just do it. He shut the lid and pushed the box back where it was before pulling the sheets down and getting up.

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