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Chapter 3: Onyx Eyes. 

"You will fall in love, 

dear one. 

If you stare in his eyes, 

and look deep enough, 

To find his buried soul"



Yazdan stared at the woman with a frown. Why was she not moving yet?

"Bhai?" he turned around to the door and found the boy in question. Beside him stood a woman. The first thing that caught Yazdan's gaze were her onyx eyes. He looked away, to Zul.

"I have been waiting since 3:30pm" he said, his tone neutral. He was not angry at Zul. He simply wanted to know why he was late. 

"Ah right. I am so sorry." he said before turning to the woman beside him. She gave him a small smile.

"I was with Miss. Sadaf, Bhai" he said and Yazdan nodded at him, his gaze falling on the woman again. She had a dark hair that was covered partially under the large dupatta and she had bright onyx eyes. He had never met a woman, or a man for that matter, with such bright onyx eyes. She had a smile playing on her lips.

"As salaam alaikum. Aanabia Sadaf" she said, smiling at him even brightly. Yazdan nodded.

"Wa alaikum mus salaam. Yazdan" he left his surname out. He did not want another repeat of what had happened just now.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Yazdan" she gave him one last smile before walking into the office.

Zul smirked.

"Shall we brother?" he asked and Yazdan rolled his eyes.

"Let's go"

The two walked down the steps toward the Mercedes with the rain splattering over them. Yazdan unlocked the car and the two rushed in before he turned on the ignition and the AC.

"Aren't you the least cold?" asked Zul, turning the AC down. Yazdan shrugged, pulling his seatbelt on. Zul smirked at him and turned to face him.

"Seat belt" reprimanded Yazdan and the younger one rolled his eyes before pulling it and buckling up. He then turned back to Yazdan again. 

"So.............?" he questioned his brother. Yazdan kept his focus to the road and ignored the youth beside him.

"BHAII!" he whined and Yazdan shrugged.

"What do you want to know?"

"What was that between you two?"

"What was what?"

"That! The interaction. There definitely was something" said Zul, smirking.

"There definitely isn't anything. What are you? Romance writer or something?"

"I just may be. Who knows" he grinned and leaned onto his seat.

"What are you brewing?" Yazdan questioned as Zul plugged in his phone into the AUX. He smirked at his brother and hit the play button. As soon as it began, Yazdan pulled the AUX out causing Zul to whine. Yazdan was not one for romantic music. 

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