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Chapter 8: You'll catch a cold.


"There's nothing wrong with falling in love and sharing your life with someone."

-Lily James-


"You alright, Aanabia?" said Hifzah, looking at her older daughter with concern. Aanabia looked over to her and nodded before going back to her uneaten food. Hifzah and Nahal exchanged looks of question. Nahal shrugged and leaned into her mother before whispering, 'She has been like this since she returned from tutions today.'

Hifzah cleared her throat and caught Aanabia's attention. She smiled at her daughter.

"Did something happen today, Aanabia?" she asked her and the girl in question shook her head immediately, ignoring the look her sister was giving her.

"Nothing ma. Why?" she asked and her mother smiled at her before leaning onto the table and resting her elbows on it.

"Alkadhib marad , walhaqiqat hi aleilaj" Hifzah said and watched her daughter's expression falter.

"Lying is a disease, truth is therapy" stated Nahal, smirking at her sister. Aanabia heaved a sigh.

"I promise ma. There is nothing wrong" she replied before giving a smile. "If there was, I would have told you"

Hifzah only hoped it were true. She did not want her daughters to go through things without her. She was a single mother who hoped the best for her children.

"Alright then, finish up so we can catch a movie" she said, clasping her hands together and the girls nodded.

Half an hour later, Hifzah, Aanabia and Nahal set in front of the large smart TV, watching Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. The house was dark save for the light from the movie. Aanabia found herself drifting in and out of the movie since her mind was preoccupied with many other things. Things like certain gray eyes.

She found that she could not stop thinking about him. Each time she tried to stop, she could not. It was as if some magnetic pull was there between them. Something that made them connect, as one. She knew it was all too poetic and fictional but isn't that what was happening?

What exactly was happening?

The sound of familiar music drifted in her ears and she looked up to the TV. SRK was dancing with Amitabh Bachan over the song, Shava Shava. She smiled at the screen, remembering the memories that came with this movie. It was an amazing time for her family. When they were one. Shrugging the thoughts off her mind, she concentrated on the song. Somehow, her mind questioned if it were Yazdan there and what if she was Kajol? Would life be easier? Movies have it so much better than real life.

She heaved a sigh and leaned onto the couch end, pulling the blanket over her. The AC cooled the room to an average temperature and soon, Aanabia found herself falling asleep with the thoughts of Yazdan in her mind.

Maybe I am falling for him?


The following morning, Aanabia got up before sunrise. It was a new development and she was proud that she had managed to catch the first prayer of the day. She did pray, no doubt. But she managed to miss quite a lot of them.

After prayers, she felt refreshed so she decided to take a walk around the street. The rain was barely visible but the wind had picked up. It was a beautiful morning.

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