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Chapter 15: Mosque. 


"When he smiles, 

I smile. 

When I see those dimples, 

I cry. 

He makes me happy. 

He makes me whole. 

I love him like my own. 


He can never know"



To people. To people. To freaking people?! That was all I was to him? A mere person?

"You look like you about to murder someone" Aanabia looked up to see her sister smiling brightly at her.

"Maybe I will. Who knows?" she retorted, before going back to glare at the table in front of her. Nahal shrugged and took a seat on the other couch, turning on the TV. The sound of Tom and Jerry filled the room. Aanabia took out her phone and opened Instagram, going through her feed.

"Hey" Nahal's voice cut through the cartoon sounds, reaching to Aanabia. She looked up from her phone with a frown.

"What is it?"

"Look. I know Macbeth went from no murder to murder in one afternoon, but can you not? I mean mom is having a hard time dealing with cases anyway" Aanabia narrowed her eyes at the mocking of her sister.

"Of course. Did I tell you, you were adopted?" she remarked and Nahal rolled her eyes.

"Of course. Use the you-are-adopted-younger-sibling card to pave your way though"

Aanabia let out a small laugh, folding her feet underneath her body on the couch.

"But seriously though, what happened?" she asked softly and Aanabia shrugged, putting her phone beside her and heaving a sigh.

"Remember I went to give him donuts?" she said and Nahal nodded. "Well, apparently, he can't take sugar and lord knows why. When I asked, he said and I quote 'Nothing I can disclose to people'" she air quoted his sentence.

"And you are annoyed why?"

"Damn it Nahal. How hard is it to decipher that I like the guy? Just how hard?" she questioned, with frustration lacing her voice.

I am pretty sure he knows that I like him.

"And he knows?"

"I am sure he does"

"You told him then"


I wish I could.

"Then how do you know he knows for certain?"

"Because everyone with eyes and common sense can tell I like the guy. Why can't he?"

Like seriously. I get him donuts. I smile at him. I spent my time looking at him. Just looking at him. I literally know where he is and at what time. And I know him for over a week. So yes!

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