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Chapter 45: Nikah.


"Ya Qalbi,

Keep calm.

Today is the day,


when he becomes mine"



"This Friday?" Hifzah questioned Qaidah who nodded at her with a small smile. Qaidah saw the worry that was etched onto the features of Hifzah. She placed a hand over hers with a smile.

"Don't worry, Hifzah. Aanabia is our daughter now. We only wish for her alone and nothing else. The Nikah, as per Yazdan's request, would be held at the mosque. I wished to ask Aanabia about it too. If she is okay with it all, we are good. If not, she and Yazdan can talk it out and let us know. After all, it is them getting married" explained Qaidah and Hifzah looked up to her with a small smile.

"You know Qaidah, I always worried about Aanabia more than Nahal. She was the reckless and carefree one amongst the two. Nahal may be younger but she seemed more mature than Aanabia in most things. I would worry about the day Aanabia would get married. The family she goes into, would they treat her like I do? Would they see her as a little child like I do?" Hifzah smiled to herself, as if reminiscing old memories. "Today, I feel that she has been blessed a family that would treat her exactly like I do and I could not have been happier" Hifzah wiped away her tears and Qaidah smiled at her, squeezing her hand. She worries about her only daughter too and she understands this.

"Don't worry. I have two daughters already, Alhamdulillah. One more to the list" laughed Qaidah.

Just then Aanabia entered the living room with Nahal. She was not expecting her future mother-in-law to be here this early. She smiled at her and said her salaams.

"Tea?" she asked Qaidah who refused stating she already had some.

"Ah, Aanabia. I wanted to ask you about the Nikah" explained Qaidah and Aanabia's back stiffened. She looked over to Qaidah with a small smile.

"Whatever is good with mum" she replied and Qaidah grinned.

"Then I take it that this Friday is confirmed?"

"This Friday?" Nahal and Aanabia asked in unison causing the two woman to laugh.

"Yes, this Friday." Confirmed Hifzah. Qaidah nodded and stood up. She walked over to where Aanabia stood with Nahal and hugged her.

"Welcome to the family, darling"


Friday came real fast. To Aanabia anyway. Why does it feel like it's too fast? Why is time flying so fast? Her thoughts jumped randomly as she set in front of her mirror, staring at herself. She stood up with a huff and walked over to the bed where her dress for today, lay beautifully. It was a gift from the Zaeef's. Qaidah stated that it was Amyrah's idea that they give the Nikah clothes to the new Zaeef brides and would, in sha Allah, carry it out for the rest too. It was a floral Lahenga. The colors of purple, green, pink and blue stood out against the white background of the Lahenga while the blouse was carnation pink colored with silver embroidery. Aanabia felt herself suffocate at the thought of wearing it but nonetheless, she had to.

Why couldn't Amyrah Bhabhi think of something along the lines of Kurti and stuff?

She donned on the attire and began tying her hair in a messy bun. It would be covered with a hijab anyway. She had picked out a light shade of pink hijab for it. She had already put on a moisturizer on her face so picking up a powder which matched her skin, she dabbed it slightly on her face before using the blusher to brush the excess off. She then applied eye liner (almost poking herself in the eyes) and filled in her eyebrows. When she was done, she stared at herself in the mirror. That is the most makeup I have done in my entire life. Legit. She stared at the eye shadow palette in front of her which read Nude Obsession in bold. She picked it up and opened it. It was a beautiful palette, she had to admit. With colors of brown, nude and darker shades of brown to black. She decided to skip this one. Too much work.

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