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Chapter 5: Tomorrow will be better. 


"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." 

-J.R.R. Tolkien-


Dinner was awkward. Only the parents talked while the boys silently ate and the girls did the same. Aanabia did not bother eating because she was busy looking at the handsome gray eyed human seated across from her.

Yazdan squirmed in his seat when he realized that Aanabia Sadaf's gaze was on him the entire time. Who can stare at someone for that long? He gave her a glare here and there, which she returned with a grin. Nothing affected his girl. Nothing.

Yahyah on the other hand, tried not to think or look across to the other side of the table to the woman who set there. She kept her gaze to the food and so did he. He could not deny the fact that he didn't intentionally lose balance and caused Nahal to topple over the fridge; it was the scent which rushed to his nose and occupied his senses, making it hazy had caused it. Of course he didn't know who it belonged it as there were three people standing really close to him that time, one being his mother and the other two being the sisters. He knew it was not his mother's scent because, one: it would not make his heart race and two: he knew his mother's scent really well. So it was either of the sisters. And his instinct told him that it was the younger one rather than the older one.

"Ah Aanabia, what do you do?" asked Zaiha, looking up from her food to the girl. Aanabia smiled brightly.

"I am a language and Literature teacher at Middleton High School"

"Middleton? The same place that Zul goes to?" Zaiha looked over to her youngest son who flushed. Aanabia let out a small laugh.

"Yes. I know him. We met today actually, after dismissal. I have a club going on for the Language and Literature students and he wanted to join" she said and Zul nodded, looking down at his food. Aanabia's eyes trailed over to Yazdan who was looking at her with raised eyebrows. He was not impressed. She winked at him before turning to the mothers.

Yazdan was taken back with the gesture. He flushed a deep shade of red and looked down at his food, not really eating. Who does that?! Zul let out a small laugh from beside him and he turned to Zul with a glare. That shut him up.

"Did she just wink at you?" whispered Yahyah from beside him and Yazdan let out a cough, before drinking water.

"Don't. Speak. Of. It. Again." he gritted out and Yahyah let out a laugh, causing the women to turn to him. He looked at them before shaking his head and apologizing.

"Nahal? What do you do?"

Yahyah's lips fell into a small smirk while Nahal cleared her throat, hastily. 

"I um.. I am a.. a designer. A motor designer" she replied and Zaiha nodded.

"I love how you two are doing what you two love. That is rare in today's world"

"Very" replied Hifzah.

Dinner dragged on and Nahal prayed for it to end soon so that they leave. She was not exactly in position to have a little chit chat with Yahyah. Definitely not now.

"What do you do, Yazdan?" Yazdan shifted in his seat, placing the glass of water in his hands, down on the table. This caught Aanabia's attention. So what exactly did the mysterious guy with amazing gray eyes do?

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