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Chapter 47: Married.


"Silly girl,

You are not leaving anything behind. 

It is the start of a new life, 

a new chapter. 

But that doesn't mean 

You leave the old ones behind. 



Aanabia got into Yazdan's car and buckled up as Yazdan closed the passenger side door. He walked to the driver side and got in, starting the ignition.

"Where are we heading to?" she asked him, trying hard not to panic. 

"Home. You can change then we head out for dinner" he told her, pulling out of the parking lot. Aanabia nodded. Since her shoes were itching her, she bent down and unbuckled them before taking them off. Yazdan let out a small laugh before switching on the radio. Some random song played while Aanabia got lost in her thoughts, again.

"Ah. Why did it take time for you to say yes today?" he asked her, snapping her out of her trance. She let out a small, embarrassed laugh.

"I was lost in my thoughts. Actually singing baby shark in my head........... so......" she said and Yazdan frowned at her before letting out a small smile. Typical. Why am I not surprised? 

"That is so you" he replied and she shrugged, shuffling to get comfortable. She was finally comfortable at her seat.

"Done shuffling?" Yazdan teased her and she rolled her eyes at him.

"Why are you leaving for Australia so soon?" she asked him. Yes.

"I have work. I am supposed to be in Adelaide right now actually. But because of us, I postponed it" he glanced at her with a small smile. Aanabia gaped at him with a slightly ajar mouth.

"So you live in Adelaide?" she asked him and he nodded, pulling into their street.

"I like the place. And Yahyah lives there too so that is a plus" he told her. She nodded at him.

"So we leave here on Monday and go to Adelaide? Wait. What about the others?" She was genuinely curious. Yazdan let out a small smirk at her, while pulling into the familiar driveway.

"They have their own houses. Kayan Bhai and Amyrah Bhabhi live in Melbourne with the kids, Sahl is usually in Canberra, Kulthum is at Sydney but it depends where she is working, the same with Safwah. It depends on where he is working. For Karmaan, he is here at Oxford Uni dorms. Mom, abba and grandparents live in Gold Coast" he told her and she heaved a sigh. Yazdan let out a small laugh and unlocked the doors.

"Get off" he told her and he did the same. Aanabia stared at the house in front of her and turned to the house on the opposite street.

"Can I go change at my place?" she asked him and he frowned at her.

"You want to?" he asked her and she nodded, giddily. Yazdan let out a small smile and nodded.

"Give me your number so that I can call you when I am done" she told him and he rolled his eyes, hold his hand out for his phone. She gave it to him and he tapped in his number before giving it back to her.

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