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Chapter 12: Mine. 


"What do you see in him?, they asked. 

I see what you do not, she answered"



Monday came and everyone was a mess. Tuesday went by similarly and so did Wednesday. By the time Thursday came, Yahyah was stressed and Yazdan was bored. So the latter opted to work for Yahyah, as his underling of course. And as a PA, even if he doesn't admit it. He has been walking around the office, getting to know the place while he does the minor works of filing and photocopying for Yahyah.

"This is annoying" whined Yahyah, from behind the wooden desk that had the label, CEO in thick glass.

"Of course it is. You have been doing nothing but reading random papers and signing documents" sassed Yazdan and Yahyah rolled his eyes, leaning onto the desk.

"At least, you are doing what you do best" he replied and Yazdan shrugged, placing the files on the coffee table in front of him.

"I am hungry"

"Wanna grab lunch?"

"It is Thursday!"

"So? Fasting?" Yazdan rolled his eyes.

"Why can't we just eat what Zaiha ma made?"

"That is because she didn't make anything today."

"Oh. Order then. I am not leaving this office till I am done with the accounts"

"You hate accounting"

"I love numbers"

"Ah, mathmagician" teased Yahyah and Yazdan shrugged. Yahyah picked up his phone and searched for the nearest hotel for food which was halal. He was surprised when he found a number of them. So looking up the reviews, he called up Muazzima Hotel. It was a few minutes away and offered good Indian food. According to the reviews anyway.

"What do you want?" he called out to Yazdan who raised his eyebrows. He then realized he didn't tell him what was on the menu.

"Hello, Muazzima Hotel. How may I help you?" said a male voice on the call. Without replying, he hung up. Oh great. Now this encounter will haunt me forever. He thought with distaste. He looked over to see Yazdan trying to hold back his laughter.

"Shut up." Yazdan burst into laughter. Yahyah rolled his eyes and waited until he shut up. While he waited, he sent Yazdan the menu via Viber.

"I sent you the menu. Chose" He browsed through it (again) when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" he called out, without looking up from his phone.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Rashad" he felt the hairs of his hands rise at the voice.

"Good afternoon, Miss. Sadaf" he looked up to her with a small smile, as the conversation from the weekend filled his mind. It was stuck in his mind like a broken track, throughout the week.

"I brought you the proposal draft. Do take a look and let me know" she said and Yazdan nodded. He watched her place the folder on the desk, with her eyes trained to the task. He watched as the lose tendrils of her hair fell to her face and how she repeatedly tried to breath normal. He watched when she lifted her eyes to meet his very briefly.

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