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Chapter 14: Longing. 


"With such thoughts, 

her heart shattered. 

The words died at her lips, 

buried in the graveyard 

that lied there. 

She silently prayed, 

Oh Allah, 

Please let me survive"



Yahyah was not sure what he was doing when he handed her the white shirt of his. He knew it would not fit Nahal, but he gave it to her anyway. Nahal was thin compared to his buff build yet he gave it to her.

And he now, he regretted it.

She stood in front of the podium with a bright smile and his shirt, which was covered with her blazer and she looked really good.

Stop staring at her like that, please Yahyah.

Yahyah diverted his gaze to the project proposal in front of him. The pen in between his fingers swirled from one point to the other and he bit the insides of his cheeks to not smile at her present. She was perfect.

"And with that, we conclude that this design suits best the project proposal stated by Ibrahim and Corp" Yahyah looked up to see her smiling brightly at the audience who were clapping for her.

She finished? Just how long was I ogling at the girl and not paying attention? I seriously should start lowering my gaze. Seriously.

"Yahyah?" he looked over to see Yazdan calling out to him.


"You have something to say?" He then realized that the people around the table were looking at him.

Well. This is what you get for not paying attention.

He cleared his throat and stood up, pulling onto his suit jacket to straighten it. Yazdan saw right through it and realized his best friend was nervous as hell because he was not paying attention and did not know what to say. So he took the lead.

"Ladies and gentlemen, before the CEO speaks and we have the marketing team come up, why don't we take a break?" said Yazdan and the people at the table looked relieved. Yahyah gave him a smile and took his seat. Iqraam Ibrahim, who was silent throughout the presentation nodded at his staff to leave. The niqabi beside him stayed however.

"Ah, why don't we go have something before continuing this?" questioned Yahyah and Iqraam smiled brightly. His smile is ever so bright.

"You lost track of what was happening, didn't you?" he questioned Yahyah and Yahyah let out a small laugh.

"Actually no. I heard it so many times, I am sure I can repeat word by word. I was just thinking when they asked me to speak" he said, speaking partial truth.

"Of course." Iqraam Ibrahim said, but Yahyah did not miss the glint in his eyes. Something told him it was not the usual one.

"Ah Miss. Sadaf" he said, turning to Nahal who had walked into the conference room. Two ladies and a gentleman followed her beverages. Yahyah smiled at the servers as they placed the three trolley of snacks and drinks in front of them. They nodded at their CEO and walked out.

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