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Chapter 31: He wakes up. 


"I found love, 

When I thought I never would.

I thank the Almighty,

for giving me all 

that I never thought I could 




Everything was blurry, his head ached and he felt like a thousand ants were crawling into his veins via his arms. Yazdan opened his eyes and closed it shut immediately due to the blinding light of the room. He opened them again slowly and looked around, until his eyes adjusted to the light. What- Ah right. This is what happens when you miss over a month of Insulin shots. I am surprised I even survived. I guess the few in between did the trick of saving my butt. Seriously. I am in for hell.

"I see you are awake" he wanted to shut his eyes and say no, he wasn't awake. He was not ready to face his family. He would he would get berated by his oldest sibling and it would not help when the rest would agree with him. Basically he was about to get roasted.

He tilted his head and saw IV's pushed into his hand veins on both hands and he let out a small whine. No wonder I felt ants crawling in my blood.

"Does your hand hurt, Mr. Zaeef?" Yazdan looked to where the nurse stood, beside his bed and shook his head lightly. Bad move. He whined as the throbbing began. He screwed his eyes shut and slowly lets sleep take over before he was jolted back awake when a thought occurred to him. Aanabia. The sedative was taking effects, causing him to slip into a slumber soon.


By the time he woke up again, it was dark. The room allowed light from the outside to enter, and there was a single lamp near his bed. He tilted his head to see Kayan sleeping on the chair. A small smile formed on his dried lips. Brother. As if he actually heard Yazdan's thoughts, Kayan stirred awake and looked up to Yazdan. The older brother let out a sigh of relief and stood up. He walked over to Yazdan and bent down, touching his forehead.

"You want water?" he questioned and Yazdan merely nodded, still staring at his brother. Kayan pressed the small button on the bed causing it to elevate and let Yazdan sit up. He then placed the glass of water in front of his face for him to drink it. Since both of Yazdan's hands were plugged via IV's, it would be hard for him to use them.

"Why did you do it?" Kayan questioned as Yazdan took a sip of water. I knew this was coming. His brother sounded hurt and this hurt him more. Once Yazdan was done, Kayan placed the glass of water on the table and turned to him. "It is fine if you cannot talk" Yazdan merely nodded at him. What do I tell him?

"I wanted to thank Allah" Yazdan's voice was soft and hoarse. Kayan stared at him for a long time before sighing.

"Why? You could just pray and thank him"

"Allah blessed me. I thought this was the best way"

"By putting yourself in danger? Do you know that Health of the believers is the most important thing to Allah?"

"I know" Kayan pulled his younger brother in an embrace and stayed there. He ran his hands through the lose locks of Yazdan.

"I am glad you are safe, Yaz" he whispered and Yazdan knew his older brother was crying. Tears slipped out of his eyes too and he tried his best to stop it.

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