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Chapter 21: Single Rose. 


"We both knew 

the outcome of this love, 

Yet we fell 

hard and deep, 

into the sweet nothings, 

despite the callings of the world,

We crashed and burnt. 

Except you walked out safe, 

and It was I who came out scalded"



Yazdan stared at the single rose in his hands. It was beautiful, no doubt. Sticking out from the green stem were a few green leaves and a note which was attached to it via a string. He tilted the note and read it.

"How beautiful would it be,

If you could see yourself

Through my eyes"

He stared at the note for a good few seconds. It doesn't make sense. He thought with a frown. Why would someone address a rose to him with such a note? He checked the time and realized it was past Magrib. I will dwell on this later. Maybe ask Yahyah.

He did just that. He prayed Magrib and walked back to his room, waiting for Yahyah to come. He realized that the Easter weekend was this week and that Shab-e-Barat would be soon. He grinned. He always liked the night of power. It was something he looked forward to. He found, praying on that night satisfactory.

"You were looking for me?" he looked up to see Yahyah in his work clothes, standing by the doors.

"Yeah. You just returned?" he asked and Yahyah nodded, walking inside the room.

"What happened?" the best friend asked, lying on the bed. Yazdan turned to him and eyed him with suspicion.

"What did you do?" he asked and Yahyah chuckled, putting a hand over his head.

"What makes you think I did something?"

"Your face is flushed and you immediately lied on the bed without eye contact. What is going on?" Something is wrong.

"You know-" said Yahyah, sitting up and facing Yazdan with a confused expression. "-I do not understand how you are so observant with others but when it comes to Aanabia, you are plain lost"

Yazdan frowned. Lost when it comes to Aanabia? What does she have to do anything with this?

"See- this is exactly what I mean!" Yahyah's voice snapped him out of his thoughts. He frowned even more.

"I do not get it"

"The woman likes you, Yazdan. How much more indications do you need?" he snapped at him and Yazdan's eyes widened. The rose and note. Of course! Poetry. A slow smile spread on his lips before he caught himself. But I do not like her. How can she like me without knowing me?

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