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Chapter 33: Zaeef. 


"I love you,

I love her, 

I love him, 

I love them. 


Did you ever say; 

I love me?"



Iftari was dragging and Aanabia felt restless. She knew she should not be since Yahyah had called Nahal and told her that Yazdan was fine. But she still felt restless. I need to see him.

"Let's go, let's go!" Nahal rushed her out as soon as they were done with Magrib Salaat. The two of them got into their car and Nahal drove off. An hour and a lot of traffic later, they stood in front of a large building that read Kingston Hospitals. Nahal walked up the steps and Aanabia followed. She was dressed in a navy blue dress and jeans, paired with sneakers and navy blue chiffon Hijab. She happened to like those Hijabs a lot. They were comfortable.

"Nahal?" Nahal looked over her shoulder to her sister who was fidgeting as she climbed up.


"I am scared" the phrase sounded so foreign to say for Aanabia. She was scared of things like spiders and heights. But being scared to face Yazdan, a person was something she was unfamiliar with. Nahal smiled at her and held out her hand.

"Let's hold hands" she said and Aanabia gladly took it, before the two walked into the hospital buildings. Nahal knew the room he was in so they walked towards the elevators. Aanabia clenched her free hand as they entered the elevators. Oh Allah, please let him be fine. Pretty please!

"We are here" she didn't even realize they were moving up! The two walked out of the elevators and Nahal pulled her towards the end of the hall. The walls were painted mint green and the doors were white, giving it the whole Hospital look. Finally Nahal stopped in front of a hall (yes another hall in a legit hall) that read 214. She threw a smile over her shoulder to Aanabia.

"Come on in"

Aanabia clenched both her hands and took slow steps towards the hall. The door was open and she heard people talking and few chuckles here and there. She peered into the room to see it packed with people. Not exactly jam packed but there were a few unfamiliar faces. Maybe they came to visit the other people here?

"Aanabia!" she turned to see Zaiha smiling at her. She walked over to her and said her salaams. Zaiha asked her about school and what not, until Aanabia caught sight of Saher. She smiled at her. Thank You Saher.

"Thank you, darling. Had it not been for you, lord knows what my son would have suffered" a woman dressed in a white kurti and peach Hijab told her. Saher smiled at her, before placing her hands over the woman's, which were on Saher's cheeks.

"It is okay, Aunty. Anything for Yazdan" she smiled and Aanabia stared at them. Who is she and why is she addressing Yazdan as her son?

"Aanabia?" she snapped out of her trance and turned to see her mother smiling at her. Hifzah hugged her daughter and smiled slightly.

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