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Chapter 44: Fears and Promises.


"Bear with me Oh Heart,

This pain is temporary."



The night was turning cold. Nahal inched into her long sleeved dress, one that provided not so much cover and warmth against the weather. The winds rustled past her ears, ruffling the lose bangs of her hair. She scoffed silently. I should have been home, sketching. At a sudden, she felt warmth over her body and smiled to the side. Yahyah's scent drifted into her nostrils, sending her heart on overdrive. She titled her head to the side to see him walking a little behind her, his hands stuffed in his jean pockets. She sighed slightly before turning to the others, who were walking in pairs ahead of them. 

She then turned to Yahyah and smiled slightly. Yahyah ignored her and kept walking. She frowned and halted. He halted right before he could bump into her. She looked up to his beautiful eyes and frowned slightly. What have I done?

"Can- Can we talk?" she questioned him and he raised one of his perfect eyebrows.

"Please?" she muttered and he sighed before nodding anyway. He pulled out his phone and texted someone, as Nahal fidgeted. Now or never.

"Let's walk back to the car park while we talk" he said, putting his phone in his jeans. She nodded before turning on the path. Yahyah was towering beside her and she let out a small smile at it. Protected. Safe.

"What is it?" he asked her, his voice; monotone. She could not detect anything from it. Why is he so........ cold? Distant. That's what he is.

"I- I wanted to apologize" There. Part of it is done.

"What for?" Okay. So there is A LOT I need to apologize to him for but don't rub it in, Yahyah!

"Everything" He let out a cold chuckle at it.

"Sure" She frowned. Why is he being so cold?

"I am serious" she said, after a moment of silence. She hadn't realized that she was no longer walking beside him. She stood with her head up, looking at him with fury. He looked back to her with a sadistic smile. This is not Yahyah.

"I know. Let's forget about it, shall we?" he said and she frowned. I am making amends.

"Yahyah" she whispered looking at the dew covered grass, suddenly all fury gone. She felt him step a little closer.

"Don't do that" she heard him say and forced herself to look up to him. His eyes were glistening under the dim lights of the park. Tears. Why is he crying?

"Do what?" she managed out, her ribs constricting her lungs or so she felt like they did.

"Cry. Don't shed tears in front of me and expect me to feel nothing" He told her and she frowned.

"I'm not-"she felt hot tears on her hand from where her fingers grazed her cheeks. She was crying. Why am I crying?!

"I didn't know" she muttered. He sighed, running his hand through his hair.

"What is wrong with you, Nahal?" he questioned her and she looked away, her hands busily trying to dry the tears that betrayed her. If only I knew, Yahyah. If only I knew.

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