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 Chapter 30: Hospital.


"Love comes with so many things, 

Being fearless,  

Being honest 


Being happy are all part of love. 

The real question is though; 

Am I ready for Love?"



"Yazdan is in the ICU at Kingston Hospital" As soon as Kayan heard this, he rushed to Manchester. Luckily he was in Vancouver for work so it took him a few hours to reach Manchester. His parents were in Australia and would take a day to reach. Karmaan was already here and Sahl and Kulthum would be arriving after their parents and Safwah was in India so there was no way he would be able to come.

"How is his condition?" Kayan asked the doctor in charge, Dr. Samuel. The doctor let out a small smile at him.

"May I have you and Mr. Rashad in my office for a moment?" he requested and Kayan nodded, before pulling Yahyah into the office with him. The two set on the chairs in front of the Doctor's desk. The boys were worried sick and the stress marks on their faces were evidence of what was going through them.

"Yazdan has Type 1 diabetes" said Dr. Samuel and Kayan nodded along with Yahyah. They knew this.

"He should have taken breaks while fasting. But he didn't. He fainted due to hypoglycemia, which occurs when the patients' blood sugar is low. The reason why he was rushed into the ICU was that we didn't know what it was. We have done necessary blood tests, STAT and lucky for him, he didn't suffer DKA, Diabetic Ketoacidosis. If he had not fainted and come late to us, he would have suffered major complications.

But we are keeping him under observations. Just to be on the safe side. Looks like he missed quite a few insulin shots. Don't worry. He looks fine for now. We just have to wait for him to wake up. Till then, please stay calm." Dr. Samuel explained and Kayan nodded at him. He knew about this because previously, Dr. Aurora who was their family doctor had warned Yazdan about this and Kayan was there with him. Kayan knew his brother has survived a narrow death. Again.

"Thank you doctor. We would like to transfer him home-"said Kayan and Dr. Samuel shook his head.

"Three days tops, Sir. Then if we see fit to let him go, we would. Travelling in this state is not recommended"

"Ah alright" said Kayan and Yahyah nodded. The two shook hands with the doctor before walking out to tell everyone what was going on. Yahyah looked around but did not see Aanabia or Nahal.


Aanabia stood away from the Rashad's. She did not know what to say or how to act in front of them. She wanted to see Yazdan desperately but she also knew her boundaries. The last thing she remembered was the blaring of the sirens and Yazdan being taken away. Saher went with them and left her behind. She wanted to go, Lord knows she did. But she also knew she would have to answer questions about this when asked and she was just not ready for it. Her thoughts ran wild as she set on the steel bench, letting the cold seep into her body over the layers of clothing she wore.

What happened to him? Why the ICU? Is he in danger? Is it some life threatening thing? Will he be fine? Why isn't he waking up!?! Oh Allah, please fix everything. My heart feels so heavy right now and I don't know...... what to do.

For the first time, Aanabia felt helpless. She was used to having things under control but this, this was a whole new circumstance and she didn't like sitting and waiting. It felt like she was waiting for death itself and she didn't like it one bit.

Aanabia heaved a sigh and looked at her watch when she realized it was time for Asr. She stood up and walked to the nearest nurse, enquiring about a prayer room. The nurse guided her and soon, she stood in an empty rugged room with large windows, letting the afternoon sun in.

She stood up in her prayer, oddly finding her soul at peace.

Maybe this happened to make me realize something. That salaat hold my peace?


Kayan dialed Amyrah's number on Viber for video chat. She answered on first ring and as soon as she did, Kayan let his tears free. His wife stared at him, hurt at the fact that her husband was hurting and she wasn't there.

"He- He is- He is pale" said Kayan, sniffing after the whole tears fiasco. Amyrah wiped away her own tears.

"I will be there in a few hours, baby. Till then, hold yourself together. Okay? For me, mom and dad. Sahl and Safwah will be there tomorrow along with Kulthum" said Amyrah and Kayan nodded.

"I have never seen someone so........ happy unconscious" said Kayan and Amyrah let out a small laugh.

"Maybe he was happy about something."

"I don't know. I feel like I should have called him during the first week of Ramadhan to remind him of the breaks he must take. It is my fault for choosing work over my brother" the last words were a whisper but Amyrah heard him alright.

"Shh. It is not your fault. You were busy and didn't think this would happen. Who would have?" she said and Kayan nodded, running his hands through his hair.

"The kids are asleep?"

"Fell asleep just now. Kashaaf has been crying ever since you guys left, asking for you and Yazdan. He is most hurt" said Amyrah and Kayan nodded.

"I'll talk to you later, Amyrah. It is Asr now and I guess I should pray"

"Alright then. Don't worry Kay. Everything will be fine. In sha Allah." She said.

"Yeah. In sha Allah. Allah Hafiz, baby"

"Allah hafiz, Bubbah" 


As Salaam Alaikum My Loves. 

KAYRAH MOMENT! hhaha. Say you all love me. 😘💕


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